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The Virtual Classroom Elements and My Previous Learning Experiences

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After carefully observing at all the learning tools for our success in my EDU622 class, I must say that all these learning tools give me an excellent opportunity to learn and educate myself in the best possible way. In my opinion the three major epistemological tradition-Objectivism, Interpretivism, and Pragmatism are all evident in these learning tools for success, however objectivism is more dominant in education (cf. Phillips, 1983; Driscoll, 1984; Cunningham, 1992).In objectivism “reality is external, objective and knowledge is acquired through experience”. The Virtual Classroom learning tools are external objectives and by utilizing these tools properly is the source of knowledge which provides us experience. My personal academic learning experience don’t have all; this century’s hi-tech and computerized environment.

Only blackboard, textbooks, instructors lecture notes, self believe, listning environment and good understanding with Instructors and friends. I remember one of my school teacher, Father J.J. Edward, he taught me science. His instructional methods were: 1. He always gave lectures on different topics with his full concentration. 2.

He always taught me the key points and summarized the topic. 3. He always questioned me about what I had learned. 4. Gave me tasks to achieve them These four teaching techniques of my instructor developed three important learning points in me. These three points are: 1. Concentration 2.

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The Virtual Classroom Elements and My Previous Learning Experiences

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Learning the key points and summarizing the in my mind or document it 3.The most important point which I learned was recalling. Through these three methods I learned how to enhance the long term memory from short term memory and I would say that, whatever I have learned during my past academic experiences leads to the interlink age that, people learn from one another, via observation, imitation, and modeling. The behaviorist cognitive learning theories and constructivist can be called a bridge between behaviorist, cognitive learning theories and constructivism because it encompasses attention, memory, and motivation.

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