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Experiences that have left us demoralized and demotivated

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This famous quote by Corita Kent has become the philosophy of my life. A philosophy that has been imparted in me by years of experience. A look through the events in life reveals that despite the wonderful moments, there are too some worst flashes that are not worthy any memory. Experiences that have left us demoralized and demotivated.

These events and experience are the most important in shaping our destinies. The road to success is paved with a rough path and sharp bends. It is in negotiating these sharp coners that we are armed with the necessary skills to overcome future challenges. Life is a learning experience and none of the events in life should be in vain no matter the consequences, each should be a learning opportunity.

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There is this particular experience that happened some years back in high school that though it left me slightly disturbed, it went a long way in creating an understanding about some of my classmates and also know that not all of us pursue the same goals and when we do, we don’t follow the same pass. Some just want to ride on other people’s back.

This experience has helped me understand that we are different, not because of our skin colors or creed, but because of our personalities. It has made me to be wary of some students even here in San Joaquin Delta College.

Whereas study group are methods used by instructors to impart leadership and team playing skills in students. Some students unfortunately see it as an opportunity to hide behind numbers and ride on the sweat and hard work of others. I recall one time we had been arbitrary allocated study groups by our grammar teacher. We were supposed to look at the history and the evolution of language. Specifically, we were to focus on English’s language relationship with Latin.

Most of us were not familiar with each other and our first meeting was dedicated towards socializing and exchanging contacts. We agreed on our schedule and by plan or default I was selected the group leader. I had never before been in any position of leadership even of such a small number. I had not envisaged the sort of challenges that I was to face, but I believed in myself.

You see, I have been brought up in a family that believes in hard work and discipline as the key to success in life. Although I was born in Mexico, I have lived in Stockton California all my life and have seen the fruits of my hard work, as I don’t have to work in college to pay for my school fees. I hence have the whole day to dedicate to my studies.

In this study group we had been allocated a task that was to be completed within a certain specific however, there were these two male students, Tom and Harris that failed to turn up for any of the study group. Being the group leader, I took up the responsibility of calling them and urged them to turn up or else I would report to our instructor. They did not heed to my warning and I had to inform my teacher. They were struck off the groups list and had to redo the whole unit. They were not happy about these developments and confronted me one day after classes.

I am not a coward but I am not brave either, but there was no way I could fail to stand up for what I believed to be right. I told them off and said I would do it again should we ever be in the same group in future.

I could tell that they were angry and spoiling for a fight as I could see Harris clutching his belt. I new then that it would get nasty. They were shouting at me and hurling all manner of racist remarks. However I stood my ground and a small crowd began to develop out of curiosity. Seeing that I would not back off, they went away promising to do all manner of nasty things should we ever meet.

They did not get to do it as they were transferred from the school later in the week, however this incident has left me cautious of some of my classmates knowing that some of them can be leaches seeking to survive on other peoples sweat and expect to get away with it. This interaction has gone a head in shaping my study relationships as school and I have to take time in choosing my study partners


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