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After Tesco has placed an advertisement anyone who applies for as job to work with Tesco becomes and applicant. Tescos make sure that everyone is given an equal opportunity and is fair to everyone this is why Tesco advertises job internally and externally. It gives an opportunity for people who are already working for Tesco to apply for the job that is being advertised. 4. 3 Tesco then will invite the applicants for an interview and they then prepare the interview accordingly.

Tesco must make sure that they ask suitable questions to all the candidates and they must ask each individual the same questions as everyone else. The questions may not be offensive in any way to anyone and must relate to the job in hand. This is an opportunity for Tesco to meet the candidates and get to know the candidate better so they must give a good impression but so do the candidates. 4. 4 Tescos will ask the candidate a series of questions and they can answer them however they want to. Tesco will also give the opportunity for the candidate to ask any question that they may have or queries about the job.

Tesco will judge the candidates on the overall impression that they have made in the interview. 4. 5 Tesco has also a job of being aware of medical information and any qualification information on the candidate. To make sure that the candidate does not have any medical conditions Tesco carries out a pre-medical check to make sure they know everything Encase of an emergency. Tesco doesn't just make sure the candidate of the candidate medical conditions but also their qualification information.

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They have to know that the person is qualified for the job and has the qualification him or her said. 4. 6 After Tesco has recommended a candidate they have to decide who has the qualification and skills for the job and if they are suitable or not. This is when they contact the person by letter or by phone confirming if they have the job or not. 5. 0 Preparation 5. 1 To make sure that you have chosen the right person for the job you need to carefully plan. Organisation will have different ways of managing interviews they won't all use the same method as Tesco PLC.

Once Tesco has decided which people they would like to interview they will then produce a list of candidates. This is an opportunity to ask the candidates that are applying for the job questions to work out if they are suitable for the job. It's also an opportunity for applicants applying for a job at Tesco to speak to each other formally. 5. 2 Group interviews are where there is a number of people interviewed together this allows Tesco to present information to the candidates at the same time and see how they relate to each other.

5. 3 Individual interviews are done face to face and you have more of a personal response. Telephone interviews are much quicker and less time consuming but not the most useful way, as you can't see the other person's body language that is being interviewed. Team/ Panel interviews are also used in Tesco's organisation this allows the organisation to gain different opinions about the applicant and also a panel of experts may be used to ask the applicant different questions that are related to special fields in the organisation.

4 Tesco has three different types of interviews they are called single stage interview, two-stage interview and three-stage interview. A single stage interview is when you only have the one interview this may because Tesco made need a replacement quickly or the job does not require much specialist skills and are not looking for a very experienced person. 5. 5 A two stage interview is when Tesco makes a list for suitable candidate that have the skills and qualifications that are asked back with a smaller group for a second interview. This is so they can have a much more.

6 A three stage interview is required when Tesco is using an agencies because the agency give the first interview and then the second interview is with Tesco and the third and final interview is a shortlist. Tesco uses agencies because they can hire someone to do their job for them so its much more easier for Tesco. 5. 7 Tesco use different types of interviews at different stages. Tesco has to select the most appropriate candidates for the job so they might want to use a screening interview. This is when the interview is conducted by the line manager of Tesco's first and then with a member of the senior management team.

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