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Rationality of the research

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 Tourism is one of the largest industries in UK, apart from generating employment both directly and indirectly to large number of people; it is also a source of foreign exchanges for UK government.

The net worth of   tourism is approximately £63.83 billion and it employs more than 1.5 million people about 7 percent of all employment in restaurants, travel agencies museums, and pubs.

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Rationality of the research

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Apart from being one the largest, tourism has also become number one online segment. The number of travelers who use the  internet for travel-related purposes have continued to increase daily. Latest data from Internet World Stats reveal that world’s internet users have reached approximately 1.17 billions with UK ranks 7th in the world with approximately 37.6 millions internet users.2

Therefore, with the increase in the numbers of travelers that book online, tourism has continued to experience booming in sales.

People now book rooms, buy tickets and make hotel reservation online. Recent announcement from British Hospitality Association revealed that the UK Economy benefited from tourism in 2004 to the tune of £81.5 billion.

Thus web presence has now become an essential factor in the growth of tourism industry, therefore the use of website to search for necessary information has been on the increased tremendously. Nevertheless, the design of website is a key issue for the tourisms organization and it has become an indispensable tool in making revenue for many organizations.

The information gathered from 2005 Market Report revealed the number of people engaging in electronic commerce in UK is increasing yearly.4

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