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In this assignment I would be explaining the main functional areas of businesses and going to write them according to real businesses. Also going to explain them in great depth and make some mind maps to make them more shown. Operations for example at richer sounds would call operations when a number of people put products together. At BMW they call operations productions and put things like DVD players, televisions, video players, hi-fi's, camcorders etc together from scratch.

Also in richer sounds would include getting in raw materials and getting them ready for assembling. Other than putting things together they would also get raw materials in and let the purchasing department of how much they need and from there the purchasing department would go on and order them for them. In some businesses production is known as operations.

Production is responsible for all the aspects relating to manufacture or assemble of goods e. g.what richer sounds do in operations is to put there products together and test them plenty of times to find out if they work to there full ability. This would be used mostly in a business that is a world wide organisation for example richer sounds is located in the UK only.

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So they would use IT to communicate with them and maybe let them know how much they sold etc in other cities of England. But they would mostly use it to make out cash flow forecasts and receipts etc maybe if they have any issues and if the need any advice of how to improve there sales in there city.

Julie Abraham, our IT Director, runs the IT department. She is supported by Darren Woodward, IT Manager; Phil Brindley, Deputy IT Manager and Scott Wood, IT assistant. The IT team is responsible for all areas of IT Support. They are not responsible for the company website as this is overseen by our Marketing department. Richer Sounds name for Human Resources is Colleague Support. This section is managed by John Clayton, there Recruitment and Training Director, with the support of his colleagues. Tracey Armstrong is the Colleague Support Manager.

Below is a brief summary of the main tasks for which richer sounds Colleague Support department is responsible: New colleagues: Colleague Support sends the Statement of Terms of Employment (similar to a Contract of Employment) to all prospective colleagues who have been 'rubber stamped' and for whom we have obtained at least one good reference. They also arrange for all new colleagues to receive their Welcome Pack - which you can read about in Unit 2 - and arrange for them to attend their induction course - known as the Virgin Seminar.

Colleague Support writes to them to give them the dates on which they must attend.  Promotion opportunities: Colleague Support keeps a list of all colleagues who have completed the Management Development Course and are eligible for promotion, and also colleagues who are prepared to relocate, if a new manager job becomes available. Our management training is described in more detail in Training and Development. Keeping colleague records: Colleague Support keeps colleague records (on paper, not computer) and these are supplemented by Training records kept by the Training Department.

All our personnel records are kept subject to the terms of the Data Protection Act.  Supporting colleagues: This is one of the major areas of work for the department which carries out many activities to help our colleagues including: Arranging careers counselling sessions as required o dealing with individual queries from colleagues in relation to their employment, career progression or changes in personal circumstances .

Dealing with staff welfare - from concern about the amount of time taken for illness, to arranging flowers for the birth of a new baby, flowers if a colleague has had an accident and is off sick and sometimes (if appropriate for the family concerned) arranging flowers for funerals . Dealing with personal issues (sometimes just a friendly shoulder to cry on) and advising on/arranging company loans and advances in times of financial hardship through our Helping Hand Fund.

Dealing with grievances: Colleague Support investigate and record any colleague grievances, either informally or through the formal grievance system, and makes sure that action is taken promptly and recorded. (See also Unit 2. ) Dealing with disciplinary actions: Colleague Support is responsible for sending written warnings to colleagues who have been disciplined or letters confirming suspension - and then sending a document to state the outcome of the disciplinary action.

They also arrange appeal meetings as appropriate and then record the result in writing. (See also Unit 2. ) . Liaising with payroll: Colleague Support usually does this at least once a day as the payroll list is produced every month, showing new starters, leavers, moves and transfers, promotions or demotions and other changes of salary. This is sent by email. They also liaise with payroll over any loans or advances made to colleagues. You can read more about our payroll in Unit 3, under Making and receiving payments.

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