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Product Identification

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In taking the business global identification policies are needed due to the magnitude and complexity of promoting organic products. Product identification can work well for a business that wants to emphasize the quality of the product. Kathy will have to consider a rapid marketing plan because of the freshness of her organic foods. Kathy Kudler has to decide on how to promote and differentiate her line of organic foods from different organic products in Brazil. Kudler foods can use a slogan, the trademark, the brand name, and trade character to identify the organic products.

Kathy has already made a name for Kudler Foods in California by providing customers with the finest selections of the very best foods. The Kudler Fine Foods brand can continue in Brazil as long and Kudler upholds a high quality of food and services. Justification Taking a business global, requires identification polices because of the complexity of expanding opportunities for use, and finding new niches. The demand for organic foods is still very low in Brazil (Ebrahimi, 2008). The growth expectations for the domestic market have caused the companies to diversify organic products.

Kudler Fine Foods would have to search for raw materials suppliers who have small production scale; this will cause the products to become more expensive. Organic products may be more expensive the some of the similar conventional products. Besides the low demand for organic foods market in Brazil there is not much knowledge of organic foods in this country. The limited access to information is restricted to customers and suppliers. Kudler Fine Food will face difficulties, but overcoming the challenges Kudler Fine Foods can expect a bright future.

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Product Identification

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