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Essay on Kudler Fine Foods

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Firstly, it is necessary to mention that Kudler Fine Foods is a famous food store in a Southern California that offers its customer one of the finest foods and ingredients for home cooking. Actually, Kudler ensures one stop shopping for all customers meaning they are able to find all necessary products in one store.

According recent marketing investigations Kudler is experiencing significant growth and it is going to expand and to work out new marketing strategies.  In the previous years only about 20% of customers were very satisfied with services provided, whereas more than 25% were fully disappointed. Therefore, Kudler Fine Foods is highly interested in working out such a system that would give customers an excellent opportunity to make purchases through so-called Frequent Shopper Program.

So, the primary goal to achieve is to investigate customers behavior when purchasing at individual level and then to establish loyalty points program to make customers more interested and motivated in Kudler’s services. One more idea is to allow customer to redeem their obtained points. The next goals are to cut costs, to organize ordering procedures to save time, and to offer competitive prices. There will be a need to synchronize Kudler’s inventory.

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Essay on Kudler Fine Foods

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All the goals to be tracked and set are determined, achievable, real and measurable. Therefore, they can be used in evaluating the degree of success. The project goals should also include economic analysis, whereas special attention should be paid to analyzing costs and benefits. It makes Kudler rely on the economic stability and growth to prosper.

With the economic stability the company will be able to get new resources for growth and specialization. The tangible measures for success are exploring financial costs, identifying necessary resources and setting the timeframe. There is a need to identify tasks and duties at individual level.  In order to prove that the current project is tangible and feasible, the company’s team should cover all the areas discussed.


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