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This is an example of how a thumb-sized device and ever-smaller digital technology is heightening security risks. Included among the records on the tiny storage vice were 11 years worth Of names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, doctor information, school and child-care information. Also on the stick were 142 PHI numbers. The records were from the Ontario Infant Hearing Programs, administered by the Middlesex London Health unit at the H. A. Leper Speech and Hearing Clinic at the University of Western Notation's Lovelorn College.

The Ontario Infant Hearing Program (IPP) is a province-wide program of the Ministry of Child and Youth Services designed to identify all infants with permanent hearing impairment and provide the services accessory to maximize family communication and language development in the child. The missing records are from 1999 to 2010. Staff at the clinic realized the USB key was missing early in February' 2011 after space was "rearranged," said Janice Decking, LOW'S provost and vice-president academic.

Required: Discuss two ethical issues raised in the article related to the missing data. Describe three types of controls that could have been used to prevent this security breach. For each Pope of control, provide a specific example of how it could have been used in this case. Describe the type of IS control Specific example of how the control could have been used to prevent the security breach. Identify four behavioral actions that one could take in case of identity theft. Health clinics collect a wide variety of data.

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Define the following terms and provide one example related too health clinic. Description Of the term Example that pertains to a health clinic Entity Attribute Data model. Canada Bread Company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of atrocious fresh bakery products and artisan breads to large and small retail grocery stores and foddering customers. The company also manufactures frozen unbaked, partially baked and fully-baked breads, rolls, bagels and specialty baked products for the same market.

Canada Bread employs more than 8,700 people in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. The Company operates 22 bakeries across these countries and employs approximately 5,200 people across Canada. The Canada Bread promise is that they will take extra care in preparing and levering their products to ensure they are safe, nutritious, and of superior quality. Define each of the following business pressures and discuss each could be affecting the Canada Bread Company. Definition of the term Specific example of how they could be affecting the Canada Bread Company Technological innovation and obsolescence: Social responsibility: For the following competitive forces, define the competitive force, and provide an example of how that force could affect Canada Bread Company.  Definition Of competitive force Example that affects Canada Bread Company Bargaining power of customers Threat of entry of new competitors Threat of substitute products. A large organization such as Canada Bread needs to be selective about the type of Information technology it implements.

A business should turn to IT planning to address this situation. Define the following concepts that are part of the IT strategic planning process and describe their purpose. Definition of concept IT strategic plan IT steering committee. With 22 bakeries located throughout Canada, the US and the United Kingdom, Canada Bread would need network technology. Define the allowing types of network technologies and provide examples of how they could be used at Canada Bread.

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