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Is Study Guide Midterm

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Understand some basic terminology in IS Examine how IS supports a major company's business function (UPS case) information and technology strategy Required Readings Chapter 1, Text, pages 2-35 Preparation and Questions Read the UPS case carefully, peg. 23-24 What are the inputs, processing, and outputs of Pup's package tracking system? What technologies are used by UPS? How are these technologies related to Pup's business strategy? What problems do Pup's information systems solve?

What would happen if these systems were not available? SIS - Collaboration through Technology Introduce the Team Contract Understand the basics of collaborative behavior Examine different types of collaborative technology that can be used to support team behavior Choose a collaboration platform for your team Required Readings Chapter 2 Collaboration Information Systems, pegs. 41-71 Questions and Preparation What experiences have you had with collaboration tools in the past? Have you used Keep, Google Docs, SMS Tools to get projects done? Have you ever worked on a virtual team? How did collaboration work when you could not work face to face?

What are some of the criteria that you are thinking about in choosing the appropriate collaboration platform for your team? Be sure you understand the pros and cons of the different collaboration tools described in this chapter . SIS - Competitive Strategy: Competitive Advantage through the Web Objectives Identify how technology changes are affecting industries and businesses within different industries. Example of Blockbuster, Nettling Examine how different impasses (Ezra and TAX) make different technology choices to support distinct strategies Understand the concept of the "Long Tail" Reading Text, pages 83-104.

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Is Study Guide Midterm

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Movie Rental Business: Blockbuster, Nettling and Redbook SMS Tools "Long Tail" How do the various players create and capture value? (movie studios, theaters, DVD retailers, Blockbuster, Nettling, Redbook, On Demand, Apple TV) What factors led to Nettling growth? How should Blockbuster have responded? What Factors led to Redbird's growth? Why did it capture a market already dominated by others? What are the key success factors in movie rental? How do Blockbuster, Nettling and Redbook compare on these dimensions? What's next? What advice do you have for players in this business?

SIS- Business Process, Information Systems, Information Nomadic Field Manual: Understand at a basic level what a business process is Understand how to map a business process Understand the relationship between business processes and information systems Text, Chapter 4 "Business Processes, Information Systems and Information" Pages 105-123. Nomadic FM on Business Process Complete the assignment in the Nomadic Field Manual before you come to class. FM Assignment due in class Review the BPML on page 110 Identify one or two key business process that your company will need to develop.

What is the information that will be required? How would you map one of these processes? SIS - Applying Process Thinking Understand how to improve the business processes of a small company Understand how to link business process improvement with information technology support Create a process map for your business Readings 1-888-Jungian Pegs. 133- up to "Possible Information Technology Solutions", peg. 137. What are the business problems that Marcus King is facing? Bring to class a map of the major business processes that are described in the case.

What does your process map reveal about the information problems that King is facing? SIS - Database I To understand what a database is To understand the difference between spreadsheets, databases and files To understand how businesses use database software to access critical information for managing all aspects of the business To explore how to construct a relational database Text, Chapter 6 "Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management" pages 149-166. Be sure you can identify the following: a) Primary key(s) b) Relationships c) 1 and the many side d) Foreign Keys What is an entity?

Understand the basics of tracking customers as they click through your website Understand how to measure the value of Internet advertising Understand different types of Internet advertising such as banner ads versus pay per click Text, peg. 239-250, Mended. Com confronts "Click-Through" Competition, What does the Advertiser want? (sales, leads, product awareness? ) What are the best metrics for measuring success? What specific consumer behaviors determine whether or not a business model produces the desired results? How would Heather Yates Justify buying impressions rather than click-through?

What are her alternatives? What is the difference in value between a general interest site vs.. A niche site to a consumer? Which is the more defensible business model from an advertising standpoint? What steps can Mended take to address emerging competitors? SIS I-Technology Infrastructure Define IT infrastructure and describe its components. Identify and describe the stages and technology drivers of IT infrastructure evolution. Assess contemporary computer hardware platform trends. Assess contemporary software platform trends. Text, Chapter 9 "IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies" pages 251-298

What has been the business impact of declining costs for communications and integrated circuits? What kinds of infrastructure are needed to make the phone work? (Hint: it's more than Just the phone) Review the definition of cloud computing on page 245. What is the likely impact of this shift on the software industry? Microsoft? Apple? What is the likely impact on businesses? Consumers? SIS 2-Developing and Acquiring Information Systems Chapter 10, pages 299-347 Nomadic Field Manual Exercise on Systems Analysis and Design Complete the assignment in the Nomadic Field Manual before you come to class.

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