Potential renewable energy sources for Kuwait

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Renewable energy

Kuwait's solution to supplying enforcement to the current grid capacity and dependability is by researching the assorted available options of renewable energy. Some of the major renewable signifiers of energy being utilized all over the universe include solar, geothermic, air current, and hydro energy. Based on the state's climatic conditions, the possible beginnings of energy available for Kuwait are as follows.

Solar Energy

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A cardinal beginning of energy that Kuwait could use is solar energy. Solar energy involves change covering the freely available and abundant sunshine to electrical power. The state experiences high temperatures and really cheery years between June and September. Kuwait can therefore comfortably prolong solar power production throughout the summer.

Solar as a signifier of energy can be looked at from two angles: thermal-where solar energy is used for warming and photovoltaic which involves solar energy being used for power production.

The first signifier of energy involves change covering the heat from the Sun into electricity, which is used in places for H2O warming and desalinization. Use in this manner would ensue in many economies in footings of outgo on energy. This signifier of energy can be used to provide for all family energy demands. It can besides be used in street lighting every bit well as in industries for nutrient production. It requires a small cost to put up and keep a solar energy system in your house. Apart from this being a cheaper option, it is environmentally friendly in that it does not breathe any harmful gases.

The 2nd option of using sunshine, photovoltaic, would necessitate a more complex system put in topographic point. This option is in fact under consideration by the Gulf Cooperation Council to be implemented in Kuwait. Plans are underway to put $ 3.6 billion in Kuwait entirely to accomplish photovoltaic energy in the state. Using solar energy is expected to cut down the part of Kuwait to the universe's emanation of Carbon Monoxide which presently stands at about 0.2 %. Alnaser has further argued that globally, there has been a mean addition of 40 % in footings of the volumes of energy produced from solar. There is still more room for betterment because the sum of energy produced in an individual twenty-four hours is adequate to prolong life in old age.

Solar as a beginning of energy has a major defect in that it is susceptible to break and therefore non stable. The supply may be low during the cloudy and showery years. The power produced may therefore non be efficient and dependable for critical utilizations such as in production industries. Progress in engineering should nevertheless be able to work out this job in the future. A more complex system that is able to hive away the solar energy and give the user control of the units being consumed is being explored. ABB has explained how lithium-ion batteries can be integrated with solar energy to supply backup during low production periods.

Previous efforts by the Kuwait authorities to ship on solar energy undertaking were thwarted by sand storms and the predominating big sum of dust on possible tapping countries. The authorities have at times appeared non to be excessively enthusiastic about the thought as it “fails to give fiscal inducements to those willing to prosecute such projects.”

There is a renewed attempt by the state's authorities to put in research solar energy options. Recently, the state's Chamber of Commerce and Industry revealed a government-led undertaking that would be $ 120bn. The undertaking is to be implemented within the following five old ages. It involves the authorities encompassing solar energy as a portion of its development programs.

The authorities have besides shown involvement by partnering with other states ' authorities to implement solar undertakings all over the state. Fortune CT from the UK and Toyota T Suchu Corporation from Japan are some of the international companies actively taking part in the nidation of solar energy in different parts of Kuwait.

Solar energy has small consequences on the environment as nongases are emitted. The costs of getting a solar system are besides cheaper compared to geothermal and hydro. Keeping the system costs about nil as no fuel is used.

Wind Energy

Wind energy involves using the strength of air current to travel big treadmills which in bend rotate to bring forth power. Just like solar energy, this signifier of energy is renewable and has a small injury to the environment. Already, states like Brazil are using this signifier of energy ABB. Brazil utilizes the offshore air current to bring forth energy that is so transmitted in the normal power lines for 100s of kilometers. States with similar conditions forms including North African and other Middle East states are in the procedure of implementing air current power usage. It is projected that in old ages to come, weave energy will be used to bring forth about 12 % of the planetary energy and in the procedure an important alternate energy beginning in the coming old ages.

Kuwait's air current velocity is above 1400 per hr threshold which is considered as the lower limit air current velocity that can prolong economically feasible air current production. Salam & A; Mazrooei have noted that in recent old ages, Kuwait has been singing increasing air current velocities. There has been an addition of wind velocities of up to 0.21 ms-1 between 1999 and 2004. The state could look at the positive side of this consequence. Windmills could be set up at strategic topographic points to assist in pinning down the air current energy and change over it to electrical energy. Alnaser has projected that Kuwait would be bringing forth an important sum of air current and solar energy by the twelvemonth 2015.

For Kuwait to accomplish this signifier of energy, a complex system made up of several air current turbines will hold to be put in topographic points at strategic countries. An ideal country would be on the seashore to capitalize on the sea zephyr common in such topographic points. The acquisition of these turbines is every bit good as putting up the works will be rather a batch. The authorities have to therefore supply some support or offer incentives to a private investor who may be willing to set about the venture.

Wind programs have besides been known to hold a negative consequence on the wildlife in the environing country, particularly the birds. The building sites of air current power works require a country that is free from wind obstructors. With edifices built across the state, happening such a topographic point may be a bit difficult. Economically sustainable production of air current power requires that there be blowy conditions throughout which might non ever be the instance.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy involves using the heat on the land to give energy. Kuwait has the potency of making geothermic energy that is yet to be fully exploited. Plans are underway to increase this option of energy coevals. The Kuwait authorities have given a spell in front of contractors to build H2O works, Al-Zour North power works that are expected to bring forth about 4,800 megawatts of power. The authorities are besides after to increase production in bing works by replacing old systems with more efficient 1s. Izzak has explained that the authorities of Kuwait intend to replace about 18 per centum of the transformers presently being used with more efficient 1s.

Other Countries in the Middle East have besides been dallying with the thought of geothermic energy. In UAE for illustration, Masdar, a pro-environment preservation company has been transporting trials on how to implement a geothermic undertaking in Abu Dhabi since 2009. The execution was expected to get down instantly after the testing.

A major set vaulting horse to geothermal energy is that the procedure is a bit expensive to implement every bit compared to implementing solar energy. This is because geothermic electricity coevals depend on H2O; yet this H2O has to be gotten through the desalinization of saltwater, which is a dearly-won procedure. The initial setup of the works is dearly-won. Another job is that Kuwait is rather hot. Achieving the geothermic energy requires some signifier of chilling. This chilling is rather impossible to accomplish without breathing harmful gases into the environment.

The deepness at which the hot stones are located varies from topographic point to topographic point. Geologists have to make thorough analyses to set up such facts and besides measure whether such an undertaking is economically executable in Kuwait. Once geothermal work is up and running, care and running costs are comparatively low.


Hydroelectric power productions involve big volumes of high force per unit area H2O being used to turn big turbines to bring forth energy. Kuwait experiences a low sum of rainfall with the mean being about 115 millimeters. The state is by and largely dry with few rivers. For the state to prolong an economical degree of hydroelectric energy production, it must use other beginnings: chiefly saltwater. For this to go on, a fuel-devouring procedure of salination has to be carried out which might be expensive to set about.

Merely like the other aforementioned options, the Hydro works setup requires a batch of resources to put up. Such an undertaking would therefore require substantial support from either the authorities or the private sector. This signifier of energy would necessitate the edifice of the dike. This would ensue in interfering with the wildlife being in the rivers every bit good as the environing country.

Bio Fuel

Another possible beginning of renewable energy is biofuel. This is a sort of fuel that is obtained from biomass. The energy produced can be used for warming and lighting in rural countries. It can be besides used for cooking in both rural and urban scenes.

Bio Fuel energy offers a merely alternate to fossil fuel as a renewable C-based beginning fuel that exists is an important measure. Klass has argued that the degrees of natural gas would non be sufficient to prolong the demand during the beginning of the twenty-first century. Such a state of affairs would coerce the universe to look elsewhere for its energy supply. This could necessitate the stakeholders in the sector to switch to undeveloped biomass as the alternate beginning of energy.

Kuwait can place herself for such a contingency by putting in the relevant biomass transition engineering. The state could, for case, put in power works that use wood energy which is burned to bring forth steam. This steam is in a bend channeled to turbines to bring forth energy.

Prolonging this manner of energy production, there requires a sufficient supply of biomass. Engendering works that produce a  high sum of biomass can accomplish this. Klass has identified peculiar works species that can accomplish aid achieve this. Such works include the alone herbaceous biomass works and other intercrossed vegetations, which he refers to as ‘energy works '. Klass has explained a manner of guaranteeing a changeless supply of biomass for biofuel. This is by guaranteeing that new growth of biomass will readily come up in the topographic point of the biomass collected for energy production.

Biofuel usage has an extra advantage in that it does nonfoul the environment and displaces the usage of fuel. When used in concurrence with coal or wood, biofuel reduces the sum of harmful gasses released to the environment. Biofuel usage could besides cut down the rate at which dodo fuel is being depleted from Earth.

Ethanol fuel

Closely related to biofuel is the usage of ethyl alcohol. This ethyl alcohol is gotten from works such as sugar cane, wheat, and maize and can be used for fueling vehicles. Putting up works for ethyl alcohol harvest homes is comparatively inexpensive. However, acquiring a changeless supply of ethanol to bring forth work would necessitate a considerable resource allotment. The procedure of production of energy is quite dearly-won, as it requires fuel. The fuel used in bringing forth ethyl alcohol may besides ensue in the production of gases, which may foul the environment.


The potency is at that place for Kuwait to research other options for energy production. The implicit factor in all these options is some kind of support for research every bit good as the initial setup. The authorities of Kuwait can make this either straight or by offering fiscal inducement. An exhaustive cost-benefit analysis is besides necessary to set up the viability of each option. Any option that Kuwait takes would an of import enforcement to the current grid capacity which is dominated by natural gas and oil.

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