Renewable Energy Generation In Pakistan Environmental Sciences Essay

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Pakistan has rich energy beginnings but unluckily these rich beginnings of energy have non been utilized so far. To run into this Remedy Government of Pakistan ( Ministry of Power and Development ) formulized a scheme named " Policy for development of Renewable energy beginnings '' .

This policy made Pakistan usage of its energy beginnings in a efficient manner in its first stage widening up to June 2008. Sing the benefits being gained of this policy, it is further divided into its 2nd and 3rd stages severally and this stage would farther find the use of renewable energy sourced blessed to Pakistan by nature.

Important characteristics of this policy are:

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  1. This policy contains assorted of import chances that attract investors from the assorted private sectors. i.e.. It provides an chance of acquiring one stabilized in his ain independent power undertakings that could either be used for one 's ain intents or it can be made to make others in return of the net incomes of your investing.
  2.  An investor bring forthing electricity utilizing renewable energy beginnings at one location, at the same clip can acquire an equal sum of electricity for any sort of usage at another location conveying electricity through grids at his ain disbursals.
  3. Via use of Renewable energy beginnings, it allows to bring forth electricity and manufacturer can sell excess sum of electricity and at the same clip, he can have electricity from another grids and this production and receiving of electricity can be solved by net metering and charge which this policy has introduced, therefore rendering big benefit to little scaly productions and besides enhanced the efficiency of bing installed systems.
  4. This policy is significantly of import for micro, mini hydro and solar based electricity production undertakings.
  5. The complex techniques of Duty Determination have been simplified following transparent and apparent rules laid down by the policy of renewable energy beginnings.
  6. An model characteristic of this policy is the decrease of hazards associated to power buyers as it used to be found in the yesteryear.

Therefore it can be said that the policy with its salient characteristics discussed above can play a cardinal function in beef uping the economic system of our state every bit good as it can stabilise the economic system of assorted power undertakings being run by figure of private investors.


Our state Pakistan is comprised of more than 150 million people therefore using immense energy. This high demand of energy is impossible to be met if we depend on planetary energy fuels of high monetary values. So, to run into this job Government of Pakistan has introduced the policy of use of renewable energy beginnings pulling the private investor 's along with covering with high demand of energy use. With the turning demand of energy beginnings and visual aspect of new engineerings in the planetary universe would find the reaching of more and more policies originating from this really core policy of renewable energy beginnings in Pakistan.

Power Sector Institutions

Following are the power sector establishments in Pakistan:

Ministry of Power and Water development

This establishment is supposed to cover with all the issues originating of the affair of energy production and ingestion. This sector besides with other related independent and independent establishments of energy beginnings.

National electrical and power ordinance authorization ( NEPRA )

NEPRA provides the policies, regulations and ordinances to guarantee safe and choice production of electricity and besides safe transmittal of electricity to consumers.

Alternative energy development Board

AEDB is designated to implement the assorted programs rendered by Government of Pakistan related to the use of energy beginnings in Pakistan. It besides covers advertisement to make consciousness and ease the energy ingestion in Pakistan.

Renewable Energy Resources:

Following are the renewable energy beginnings in Pakistan.



So far, no exact appraisal has been brought in related to hydro power potency in Pakistan but if we take mean, this possible comes out to be 45000 MW. This possible includes power ingestion in all the walks of life and hydro power workss.

Status 2006:

The hydro power capacity of Pakistan so far assumed is 5928 MW of big ( & gt ; 250 MW ) 470 MW of medium ( & gt ; 50 and & lt ; 250 )

And 253 MW of micro ( & lt ; 50 MW ) workss. Now it makes the amount of 6608 MW, which barely covers 15 % of entire identified hydro potency in Pakistan.



Wind power undertaking resources exist in assorted parts of the state including southern Sindh and Coastal countries of Pakistan with monthly norm wind velocity of 6-7 m/s at some sites.


Unfortunately there is no air current power undertaking commercially working in Pakistan. However micro wind power undertakings have been tested.

Solar and Thermal


Pakistan is blessed with immense solar energy resources. Most sites of Pakistan receive big sum of solar energy in the universe that extends to 2 MWh/m2 or 3000 hours of sunlight.

Status: This big sum of solar energy is being ignored. So far now solar and thermic power undertaking has been installed in Pakistan.



Pakistan being an agricultural state contains big reservoirs of biomass in the signifier of residue harvests, animate being wastes and rice chaffs etc.


This big reservoir of biogases is being utilized in Pakistan at assorted low degrees and frequently at high degrees. This sector is besides allowed to sell excess power other than of its ain required usage to sell to grids at the rate of 700 MW.

Strategic aims of Policy:

There are four cardinal aims that formulate the policy of development of renewable energy beginnings:

Energy Security:

Energy is the chief demand of today 's modern civilisation. Following the importance of use of energy by the modern societies has risen up the monetary values of fuel and oil in the planetary market. The use of renewable energy beginnings by which our state is blessed would guarantee us the energy security and we would be less dependent on others to run into the demand of energy.

Economic Benefits:

Renewable energy beginnings if used decently in any state can be really helpful in profiting the economic system of that peculiar state. As use of energy from other beginnings would ensue in energy losingss and wastage of money to an unexpecting bound, nevertheless, utilizing the renewable energy beginnings of our ain state, we can salvage the big sum of our economic system which is spent on importing the energy beginnings from other states to our ain usage.

Social Equity

As discussed earlier, that utilizing the renewable energy beginnings of our state can do us able to salvage the economic system and salvaging the economic system would straight intend prosperity of the state that can profit the people of our state by eliminating poorness rate and guaranting security of societal rights among all the citizens of our state. Renewable energy beginnings can besides cut down the labour work as it can replace the human attempts in field by machineries which are non being utilized because of high monetary values of fuel in the international market.

Environmental Protection:

Use of local energy beginnings is the confidence of environmental protection as it lowers the hazard of air and environmental pollution which is frequently threatened to the society by utilizing the natural and fuels of hapless quality being imported from other states.

Policy Goals and developmental scheme:

Following are the ends that lead the state to explicate the policy of development of renewable energy beginnings:

  1. Maximal use of energy beginnings of our state that can ease the lives of our people by supplying electricity through all the parts of the state.
  2. Renewable energy beginnings can do the state meet the turning demands of people populating in it.
  3. An investing friendly environment is created in the market therefore pulling private sectors and enabling them to advance friendly and economical environment for the investors in the sector of renewable energy beginnings.
  4. Deriving of economic benefits is besides one of the primary ends meant to acquire achieved via this policy.

Scope of Policy:

  1. This policy leads to the use of different renewable energy beginnings.
  2. Micro hydro
  3. Solar polytheist hydro
  4. Wind power undertakings
  5. Municipal waste and landfill methane recovery
  6. Biomass Gasification
  7. Crop residues

Road Maps for policy development and Execution:

Keeping in head the important of renewable energy beginnings, a strategic policy specifying the fundamental laws has been formulized. This policy is divides in three stages and each stage, if implemented good can do us succeeded in accomplishing the aims.

Short term stage

Short term stage includes indulgent policies in order to make an economic friendly atmosphere throughout the concern countries of the state and take the bing barriers impeding in the manner of our concern sector.This stage focused allot on little hydro, solar and wind power undertakings for immediate commercial development. This stage helped in pulling the private sectors to put in commercial markets for renewable energy beginnings. This stage developed regular frame work, develops markets, assessed the resources, swayers development programmes and finance development for renewable energy beginnings and ease the markets to renewable energy beginnings in the state.

Average Term:

Following the enormous success of the policy of renewable energy beginnings in its short stage, another comprehensive stage set on with more effectual policies and nonsubjective that would widen up to 30th of June 2012. This stage emphasized on developing the inclination of competition among assorted renewable energy engineerings application class. One such illustration is the use of Grid connected air current farms. It besides developed the market and inclination in people for utilizing the spread Renewable energy beginnings such as solar place systems.

Long Term:

The execution of the policy of renewable energy beginnings will come in the long stage every bit shortly as average term ends, to acquire the coveted aims. This stage will to the full develop the competitory ambiance in the market among assorted initial RETs. It will be lead under the " compulsory sweeping Wheeling '' . Supplying an investor with full options of using any of the available renewable energy beginnings and competition to a full swing to do usage of each and every resource that is easy available.

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