Polaroid Marketing Approach

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Polaroid’s IMC approach is utilizing the marketing segmentation on a balancing scale for proper implantation into the targeted audience. The Polaroid’s marketing plan for the I-Zone is offering the product through mass-market accessibility, photo specialty, select toy stores, and online at Polaroid’s official website. The selected areas are for effective marketing initiatives of visual and audio communication to provide the needed focus to the targeted audience.

What successful steps might market I-Zone overseas? The marketing concept for Polaroid’s IMC to market I-Zone overseas should start with visual impact in selected stores that reinforce brand identity. The second step should be selecting a familiar cultural identity or celebrity to incorporate the benefits of in an advertisement. The third step should be a catchy jingle that is culturally focused on the radio and television. Polaroid’s sponsorship of the Backstreet Boys successful or not?

The Polaroid’s sponsorship of the Backstreet Boys was successful because of the corporate paradigm of establishing the brand identity to emotional buying. The concept for utilizing the popular boy band assisted in relating to the benefits and technology of Polaroid to the targeted audience. Emotional bonding provides a new synergy for solidifying marketing objectives.  In the IMC group writes a slogan and where to advertise or conduct a promotion?

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“Instantly Deliver Your Memories with the I-Zone,” a new slogan for the website and a suggestion focused to promote sticking photos on television, brochures, and billboards of additional advertisement. A promotion theme of the I-Zone during a particular season at selected stores to reinforce the creativity and technology places a new camera that delivers all your needs.


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