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The sass was a period of spunk, pizzazz, and flashy colors. In 1957, Don Featheriness had designed the attention grabber of the generation- the plastic pink flamingo. The lawn d©corn had originated from the pretty, pink-feathered wading bird. In her recent essay The Plastic Pink Flamingo, Jennifer Price explains that flamingos have always been animals that have attracted attention, similar to the flamingos,

Price believes America is a country that wishes to capture the spot light in the world. Price also claims that as the Great Depression came to an end, bright colored objects began to emerge into the United States, including the plastic pink flamingo. Throughout her essay Price reveals that her view of the American culture is that America was finally coming out of the Great Depression era so they focused on changing the countries culture and making It stand out.

Since the sass, when the Declaration of Independence was signed, America soused on being a country different from any other country. The establishment of religious freedom was the key aspect that separated the united States from the other countries- America propelled itself to stand out. Likewise during the sass, Featheriness design had similar elements to the call of religious freedom; the plastic pink flamingos emerged Into being the hottest Item In America, simply by Its color. While the rest of the world laid on bland colors, America 11th Itself with luminous ones.

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In her essay Price stated, Kraal Ann Marling had written, the Sassy pinks' were the Panache 2 hottest color of the decade". The jazzy pink flamingos had formed their own generation In America- a generation that put the country in the center of the world. A translator from one decade to another can be a huge leap In some Instances. During the sass the Great Depression had hit America like a plague. Times were dark and dull; hence when the pink flamingos flew into the country, Americans were filled with light in their eyes.

In The Plastic Pink Flamingo Price wrote, "The hues were forward- working rather than old fashioned, Just right for our generation, raised in the Depression, that was ready to celebrate its new affiance". The flamingos settled after the Great Depression- a time when the country seemed Insipid and out of color, as soon as the Depression ended bright colors began to burst Into the alarm changing the generation, one to another. The plastic pink flamingos had taken a turn in history when they arrived during the sass.

The plastic flamingos brightened the streets of America with lucid colors. In The Plastic Pink Flamingo by Jennifer Price, Price explains that the pink birds are known to stick out amongst Its fellow birds, likewise Price believes that America would Like to stand out amongst the other countries In the world showing Its the Depression broke through, a whole new generation began to emerge- a generation of change. The arrival of the false flashy flamingo was a movement for America to shift away from the past, reform the countries culture, and to stand out in the world.

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