The Pink Cow

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On the beautiful sunny beach day of March 12, 2008, I visited the Florida Gulf Coast University’s art complex. The first thing I noticed upon entering the art complex was a pink cow. This pink cow consumed my total attention. I hardly noticed anything else. I was so fascinated and taken away by this pink cow that, as I studied this extraordinary painting, it became clear serious precise art techniques were carefully used to design this creation taking attention off everything else in the gallery.

It’s a Pink Cow painted by expert artist, Andy Warhol, uses professional levels of sophisticated art coloring and design elements communicating fun, happy environments to the subconscious minds of youthful crowds occupying the buildings wherever his art work hangs. The only reason art sells is because it inspires emotions, controlling mind manipulation atmospheres from fun to conservative. It’s a Pink Cow painting’s strongest identity is color and subject content. This wall paper image created by famous pop artist Andy Warhol made excellent use of shocking contrasting coloring and design in It’s a Pink Cow.

It’s a Pink Cow’s shocking hot pink everyday farm animal peaking through a barn door with a light green background which is lit up by the bright yellow sun invokes feelings of pleasure, comical, social interactions. Color invokes moods. "We learn from color specialists that rooms painted in different colors tend to cause different reactions. Certain blues are cool, certain greens are relaxing, certain reds are warm and comforting. "(Blair 43) Observing It’s a Pink Cow, and applying our knowledge about art techniques, it is clearly obvious the artist shows creative potential of colors capacity.

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Normally green is known as evoking feelings of calmness, quietness, seriousness. However, it is totally unlikely this painting containing a sensible green filling in the background to be observed in a church, senior citizens ballroom or a political business meeting room. In some of these different paintings, the background is yellow. In this particular artwork shown in the museum, the background overlooking the picture is grass green. Reflections of bright yellow sunlight shinning on the green grass gives the neutral nondistracting color pizzazz.

Adding sunlight to the earth toned green shades is equivalent to adding Hip-Hop music to church choir music. When artists are working at designing original pieces in a highly competitive market full of talented people, it is not enough to design something that it’s only contribution is being pretty. That is why creative arts are popular for breaking traditions. Warhol’s theme in this painting was showing the unique possibilities by applying extraordinary colors to ordinary objects. In this painting, it is not only a pink cow looking at everyone looking at the painting.

By coloring a traditionally black or brown object, such as a cow in any bright shade, it is now the bright tint looking at the viewer. A person looking at the painting mood’s are altered on a level they do not realize. A hot fluorescent pink cow’s head looking out the barn holds the person attention, making them look twice at his artwork. The innocent visitor to the art museum first wonders about themselves upon looking at the pink cow. For reassurance, they stand silently to see if their friend accompanying them says anything first. Their friend is doing the same thing.

Then the worker at the art gallery passes by, comments on the pink cow and the art museum visitor is now relaxed. The artist’s main objective is to influence or alter people’s moods, and that is what this painting did. Artists selectively chooses the use coloring, lines, forms, shapes etc…innovatively to target their selected audience. A green grass providing the background for trees in a landscape would not have the same effect. Andy wanted to sell to the younger generations. Here he is using vivid colors to capture the fun minded light hearted generation.

The subject content works in conjunction with coloring creating a surprising and unexpected product making an artists statement that can only be accurately interpreted by the artist. The colors and the subject matter conflict greatly. Bright vivid colors and a pink cow is a symbology of fun. Of all the animals to choose from, why did he choose a cow? A cow is not really a symbology of fun. Looking at paintings such as these peaks curiosity, it draws attention inviting the viewer to investigate more into the artwork.

It is necessary to have an idea of history, including the artists personality and style is necessary to make sense of the painting. It’s a Pink Cow appears like it may be a totally improvised, but the sources say differently. “Once he's chosen something from the chaos of everyday reality to preserve in his art -- particularly in his paintings and sculpture -- Warhol works extremely hard "at getting the image absolutely right," says Leo Castelli. "He doesn't simply arrive at an image easily and then repeat it senselessly -- as many think.

That cow wallpaper took him over a year to define. "(Pratt 53) The only reason art sells is because it inspires emotions, controlling mind manipulation atmospheres from fun to conservative. It’s a Pink Cow was created to provoke laughter, or comical atmospheres. Of all the paintings in the art gallery, this painting stood out. Hanging this painting in the room of a child or young person’s apartment is great for developing and stimulating imaginations. This is especially true if someone was to elaborate on it this art piece, and make the cow sing, dance or tell jokes.

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