Packaging Is a Silent Salesman

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In the 1930s Louis Cheskin, a marketing psychologist, began to take into account the psychology of packaging design. Cheskin study how consumers' emotional response to the package by doing experiments.

In his experiments, he placed the same two products in two different packages. A circular packaging and other packaging triangular. Participants in the experiment were asked to choose which products are most favored and why. They were not questioned at all about the packaging. Also not required to say anything about the container. The result, 80 percent of participants chose the packaged product circular.More lanut When asked why, they think the product has a higher quality than products in the packaging triangle.

Cheskin later repeated his experiment with other products placed in the same package - segitida and circular shape. Same result. Therefore, Cheskin concluded that packaging design provides a major influence on the content of one's experience will be contained in the container. This phenomenon he calls "sensation transference". This phenomenon is said by other researchers as a chance to help a product that comes from feeling that we get to see the outside packaging of the product. Sensation transference" can be achieved through a comprehensive packaging design of a product. This overall design consists of five elements, namely shape, size, color, graphics, and materials.

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Since then the believer will size the role of packaging. Several subsequent studies further reinforce the notion that the packaging is very effective in making the consumer interest. This is because the packaging led to a subconscious appeal to consumers and make them buy a product. Products with specific packaging which consumers often first seen to be consumer products purchased.Spontaneous emotional reaction caused by the stimulus (package) first to be seen to encourage consumers to consider these products. (Hine, Thomas (1995) The Total Package: The Evolution and Secret Meanings of boxes, bottles, cans and tubes. Little, Brown and Co.

. , Boston). That is why, this study also concluded that shopping is an irrational process. Consumers often go into a store without a shadow of what the product or brand they would buy. Most consumer products purchased in stores is not produced by the process of deliberation or careful analysis.Consumers often do not feel the need to read or see more closely sara packaging of a product. Which plays an important role in the buying process as it is the perception of colors generated by form of packaging atu.

So here color and shape of a stimulus package for the product only memory re meretriev quality of a product not be something to consider. (Hine, 1995, pp 205-210). The late 1980s, the producers and marketers increasingly realize the importance of packaging. They realized that the packaging is one of the most important factor in creating and maintaining a certain image.Packaging is not just providing the product image contained in it, but it also reflects the identity. Therefore, today more and more manufacturers are trying to increase the strength and appeal of the packaging to help influence consumer decisions in selecting and buying the product. Especially look at the current market conditions are crowded with a variety of brands.

According to data from industry assosisasi packaging and packaging materials of the world, approximately 182,000 new packaging products introduced during the year 2006. These numbers continue to increase until the mid-year 2007.The challenge for designers is how menciptaan packaging packaging to protect products, protecting consumers, making the product easy to be stored and transported, provide information about a product, create attraction when displayed, environmentally friendly, provide comfort, economical, legal, and create promotion value. Dimens challenge more dynamic with the rapid changes taking place in the external environment, especially on consumers and culture. A package that had succeeded in creating an image, this time due to decreased ability to shift perceptions of packaging and product.That's why, to be effective, a packaging must be adapted to new cultures, different tastes, and new consumption patterns. In other words, a package that can act as a silent salesman (silent salesman) is very dependent on the understanding of the market.

In this regard, cultural studies of aspects of communication helps the designer in designing packaging suitable for a market. Here, the ability of producers and marketers in anticipating the challenges, roles and power packaged in increasing interest and growing consumer choice is at stake for the success of a product. Back to the premise that the packaging reflects the identity.This premise implies that the elements such as graphics and design of structures requires a packaging able to characterize and differentiate a product or brand from the others and able to give satisfaction and comfort for consumers. As shown several studies, often buyers make a decision to purchase an item just because the packaging is more attractive than other product packaging type. So, if there is the same product quality, shape and quality of consumer perceptions of two or more brands the same, then the buyer will choose the trend of packaging products more attractive.It is important for marketers to synergize the packaging and products that create the same image.

If consumers have a certain attitude toward a product, it is important for marketers how to package can provide the same association. If not then the consumer will be confused, do not know and could not decide what is really expected of a brand. In this context, a packaging required to create and strengthen the relationship between brands or product and the consumer. A consumer is an intuitive act of a consumer packaging such as body language a person reacts.For example, in everyday life, there are two ways how a woman completing their homework. If women have a habit of grudak-gruduk in completing his homework, he tends to use a brand that reflects a strong, aggressive character who symbolized the square lines combined with colors like red, blue and white. This type of senderung Consumers do not pay attention anymore about aestetika of a product.

Conversely, a woman who looked at work cleaning the house is an ongoing process and he has respect for hygiene, so he always made his home clean.Consumers of this type generally consider packaging aesthetics. Therefore, these consumers will prefer products with beautiful packaging and beautiful manner in accordance with the character. However, in general, because the package creates the image of a package is required not only interesting to look at. Ain side, the packaging allows consumers also claimed to use and provide comfort. but also must be easy and inexpensive to produce, may be reproduced in large quantities, so that will provide benefits and efficiencies of production for producers.Therefore, good packaging design must be able to meet the desire and ability of producers and designed in accordance with the parameters of the available technology.

Good packaging is designed by considering both the needs and desires of consumers or penmilik or marketernya. Good packaging design will function optimally in communicating about the product to customers clearly. Although ultimately be up to all types of consumers in the market, but also an important consideration about the type of customers which we choose to, and how they will use or take advantage of our products meet?For example: soft drink bottles of products containing 4-liter is very suitable for sale to families who often dine at home, but the packaging is not appropriate to be presented at the gymnasium or sold at the automatic selling machines. Good packaging can dismissed the election strategy of Price or Product (or Product Price Method). Ancient producers would make the strategy of a decision that will target markets traditionally addressed the consideration is between choosing a cheap price basis with the consequences of product quality is lower, or vice versa.But now a good product packaging will help to mediate in optimizing the choice, which is capable of displaying a beautiful product at an affordable price and the broader market. What is done by the producers of Pepsi Cola with a plan to diversify forms of packaging, 35 times in the year 2007, an example of a very brilliant idea.

By leaning on youth market segment in this millinium era that has a strong interest in the field of sports, music, fashion and otomotiv, Pepsi Cola encourages producers to enhance your packaging with Pepsi Globe icon paired with themed logos sports, otomotiv, music, etc. The producers are optimistic target that beautiful logos will be listed on the packaging 8 billion fruit-shaped bottles, cans and cups are scattered throughout the world. Thus the package can be used as one strategy to compete with companies that produce or sell similar products. Thus, it can be concluded that the activities should consider packaging the beauty aspect, economic aspects, and practical aspects. Brand name (brand name) is required to distinguish the products memesarkan production of a plant with another plant. Nam often used as a specific brand of product quality assessment by some of the buyer company.Trade mark (trademark, trademark symbol) is part of the brand is expressed in the form of symbols or logos, designs, color or a particular letter.

Trade mark or trademark is protected by trademark laws apaabila already registered on the government, so the company has the sole right to use it. Consumers now require more time to select the product you are looking for more brands for a particular product type. Like, bath soap products on the shelves of stores / supermarkets are dozens of kinds. Branded cooking oil is more than 30 consumer brands can be found on the shelves of supermarkets.Not to mention the brand of drinking water was more than 50 brands can be found in the consumer market. Similarly for laundry soap detergent is on display dozens of brands in supermarkets to attract customers. What distinguishes one product with another product? None other than the brand, and packaging! It is now recognized by the packaging manufacturer is no longer only a function of protecting and wrapping the product.

Competition tighter product on the market require producers to think hard to improve the function of packaging to be attractive to the consumer through the artistic aspect, color, graphics, shapes and designs.Many consumers who are aware of buying a product because of interest in a product for reasons of color, shape of the packaging. Not to mention consumers who buy because of impulse buying, because of the pull design, or form of packaging a product. So be very effective packaging to encourage consumers to buy a product. Through the product packaging impression (image) can also be formed products such as image as a solid product, durable, luxury or durable.So that consumers will choose the product because according to the requirements to purchase products such as durable, not easily damaged and maintained its quality. Consumers often buy a product not for immediate consumption but for the stock, so he needs the product well protected contents, from damage, reduced the content and influence of the weather.

In terms of distribution, packaging also plays an important role because the product packaging will be easily arranged, counted, handled and distributed better and faster.Ease of distribution makes a particular design and packaging sizes that are easy to move from one place to another. Packaging should: - Create a shopper to see the past. - Create shoppers stopped and take these products - Convincing shoppers to buy a brand and not choosing a competitor brand. - Ability to communicate the brand personality and create relationships with consumers - Build brand loyalty - she had to look beautiful, easily recognizable and easy to use - Provide guidance for consumers about how to use these products. - Informing the buyer about the danger, product content, etc..

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