Compensation-related problems at Plasto Packaging

Last Updated: 16 Jun 2020
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After a thorough study of the existing situation at Plasto Packaging, the following is the analysis report. The manufacturing process has always been predominantly dependent on manual operations for fact finding, productivity and quality level. The workforce though justifies a mix of male and female, males occupy the operation and utility while females inspect and do packaging. Owing to the weaker interpersonal relationship and male dominance, the women members are blamed for wastages for incompetence. This low attitude always maintains the productivity at minimum level.

To avoid this, the inspecting team should also have a mixed ratio. The Plastic industry is ever changing. Waiting for a utility worker to get trained for quality operation does hamper productivity. As the industry is time and quality based, wasting the optimum productivity for six months per man is unprofessional. In anticipation, a continuous training can be given and deployed on need basis. The compensation for every grade has to be revised for betterment. As female members are prone to stress, any direct reporting of rejections to the bag making supervisor would lead to misunderstanding among the other members.

Notwithstanding the work culture, the women least enjoy this job and turnover is high. BSL has recommended for good wages for those in the handling of toxic chemicals and plastic recycling (Career guide to Industries: 2010-11). The automation of technology would right size the workforce in standard production and dependency for regular machine maintenance. The compensation for remaining workers has to be increased with higher benefit coverage. Today as plastic bags are being banned, a better business alternative has to be in place to give them hope. Reference Plasto Packaging, (Pg. 514 – 515)

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