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I have completed a six week summer internship at BP; BP is one of the world's six major oil and gas companies. BP is a public limited company (Plc) which means that shares are available to be bought by anyone and is listed on the London stock exchange. BP have many aims and objectives that they will try to achieve. BP have five values that every employee will strive to accomplish. These include, safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team.

Moreover, 1 BP have a 10 point plan which lists all their aims and objectives; the main points include, focus on safety, playing to strengths, be simpler and more standardised, generate around 50% more in operating cash flow, have half of incremental operating cash for reinvestment and lastly, have a strong balance sheet. In order for BP to 2 pursue their objectives they set clear priorities, actively manage a quality portfolio and employ distinctive capabilities. Clear priorities ensures BP run safe, reliable and compliant operations which will lead to better efficiency and safety performance.

Also by actively managing a quality portfolio, it allows BP to concentrate on areas where they can play to their strengths which means BP continue to grow. Lastly, distinctive capabilities means BP work to develop and maintain strong relationships with governments, partners, civil society and others to enhance our operations in almost 80 countries across the globe. BP do a lot to help the community and have many corporate social responsibilities. BP work closely alongside schools providing work experience, internships and workshops in their upstream learning centre to improve young peoples knowledge and to help with careers.

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In addition, 3 BP is a founding partner of the ‘arc’ programme. The aim of arc is to create 1,000 new jobs in each area where BP operates, by supporting the growth of social enterprises in local communities. Lastly, BP support charitable institutions through the Employee Matching Fund. The Employee Matching Fund supports charitable causes chosen by employees. Each employee can access up to $5,000 (in total) per year of matched personal contributions, volunteer time and funds raised in sponsored pledge events. BP have many policies and procedures in place.

Health and safety is very important to BP and they make sure every employee knows the set of health and safety rules. These include hold the hand rail when going up and down the stairs and to never use your phone whilst on the stairs; also ensure that all drinks hot or cold, have lids on them to ensure they don’t spill over which could ruin paperwork or electrical items. They also have tests of the fire alarms and public address system every week which ensure that if there are any problems that they are in order so that everyone is safe.

They also have inductions for all new staff and interns which will outline what BP do, fire assembly points, safety and BP’s values and objectives. They also have local inductions which is where somebody will talk you through safety in your specific building, show you who the first aiders are and the closest fire assembly and exits are. Furthermore, BP make sure you do a desk assessment to ensure your monitor, mouse, chair and desk are all positioned for personal comfort. And in meetings safety moments may be presented to the team which is a topic of your choice to remind your team to stay safe in and out of work.

Lastly, BP have high security. Every employee has a pass in which allows them to enter the buildings and has high security on all the confidential documents that will be in BP’s systems; alongside employee’s agreeing and signing a confidentiality contract. BP is a very successful large business and have many different departments and have three categories for each of the departments. Upstream which is the departments who are responsible for 4 activity in oil and natural exploration, field development and production. Midstream which involves transportation, storage and processing. 5) Downstream is the product and services of BP such as fuels, petrochemicals and lubricants. The first main department is finance. Finance are involved with money and future plans. They will prepare accounts like invoices, management accounts, and financial accounts for shareholders. They will also prepare wages and salaries for the employees and obtain capital and resources such as money for expansion or to pay for resources such as equipment and materials. Also as BP is an energy company they will have engineers and shipping departments.

The engineers will work closely on where the oil is located and how to get the oil and gas in order for it to be extracted and then shipped to where it needs to go in which the shipping department will be in charge of. BP will also have a Human Resources (HR) department. HR is about retention, dismissal and employing people. Tasks HR would do would include staff training, performance evaluations, career planning, health and safety, job classification, working conditions and unions. Furthermore, they have IT;S (Information technology and services). They are involved with anything to do with technology.

They will buy and install new hardware and software, update systems and provide online support for all employees if they face issues; they will give advice on how to fix the issue or may fix it themselves by doing computer repairs. Security is another very important department in BP. Security make sure that the business is safe for their employees. They will monitor entrance and departure of employees and visitors and guard against break in and theft and ensure there are procedures in place to stop this from happening such as alarms. Lastly, BP will have marketing and sales departments.

Sales is the exchange of goods such as oil and gas for a set amount of money and they will work closely with finance in order to buy products and also with marketing to sell the products. Marketing is about communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers for the purpose of promoting or selling the product. Every employee who works for BP will have a job description. This job description will contain information of the place they will be working in and information about their line manager like their email, phone number and job role.

The job description will also contain all the roles the employee will be expected to complete and software and skills they may need to complete the job. The job description may also include the pay rate and also the amount of hours the employee is expected to work. Once the employee is hired they will need to sign a contract. This will protect the employee and employer. The contract will contain the same items as the job description and will have behaviours the employee will be expected to follow. If the employee breaks what is listed on the contact they can be in serious trouble and will lose their job.

During the six weeks at BP, my job role was an Information ; Data Management Analyst in Global Wells (GWO). My main task was to work on the GWO Regional Documentation Simplification Project. This project had an aim to simplify the way documentation is managed and accessed across GWO regions. This involved me reviewing regional documentation by creating Excel sheets interrogating documents titles for specific key words such as policy and guide and then categorised them in categories such as above region, contractor or field.

This would then allow me to identity potential documentation for elevation to functional level, decommissioning or to remain at regional level. This would then reduce risk by only making the right information easily available and reducing the opportunity for decision making processes based on incorrect, out of date and obsolete information retrieved from incorrect sources. I also worked with Angola, Africa on a metadata attribute task which involved me opening up documents and filling out important information in the Meta data such as the title, owner, date and review cycle.

Aside from those two tasks I did other little tasks like moving files from old SharePoint sites to new, checking for broken links on the GWO portal, creating meetings and presenting in them and learning about BP as a company and the importance of information management in a business. BP have many competitors. Shell is one of the main energy companies that BP are competitive with. Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with headquarters the Netherlands. Shell operate around the world which makes them a global company. 5 Another main competitor is Esso.

Esso is originated from America and is the international trade name for ExxonMobil who sell oil and fuel worldwide. Lastly, Texaco is another main competitor with BP. 6 Texaco ("The Texas Company") is the name of an American oil retail brand. Texaco is merged with Chevron and operates worldwide. BP operate in the energy and natural resources sector. 7 this is a category of stocks that relate to producing or supplying energy. This sector includes companies involved in the exploration and development of oil or gas reserves, oil and gas drilling, or integrated power firms. Furthermore, the natural resource sector is

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