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Organizational Developement

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This is a very important concept in effective consulting because hen we are aware of our involvement in the organization, it's allows the consultant to see in which level are the people, how can we do to improve certain things, how they use to work. It's allows the consultant to find a solution to some problems. 2. If people are smart, why do they need to learn how to learn? What does Argyles mean by that? By that Arises means that even If people are very smart they need to learn how to learn.

In the text Arises said that:" They rarely experience failure" and since they are almost always successful, they don't know how to handle failure the day when it's arrive. This Is call "single loop learning'. He also explains that people don't see that they can Improve their learning by use the concept call "Double loop learning". This concept speak about how to allow us to think about how and why a person acting. 3. What is the difference between process and content? What is your comfort as a consultant working on the process level? On the content level? How strong are your process skills? How do you know?

What are your "content" specialty areas? I. E. , where could you, as a consultant, add content value In organizational decision making? ) And should you? A process can be define as Sequence of interdependent and linked procedures which, at every stage, consume one or more resources (employee, time, energy, machines, money) to convert inputs (data, material, parts, etc. ) into outputs. These outputs then serve as inputs for the next stage until a known goal or end result Is reached. A concept can be defined as something which must be done a purpose to accomplish; this Is what composes the process.

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Organizational Developement

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I think I would be stronger on the process level. I know that because I'm the member of a Hip Hop band that I have created, and I know that when we have something to do for example a music to perform or to record, I know exactly what to do and what I need to say in order that the other members of the band did what they have to do, I think that regarding to my study my content specialty area will be the marketing and the management part 4. How could/would a successful change agent apply Chain's model to his/her work?

But there was a lot of people this year so they couldn't allow everybody to participate and all the persons who were in internship like me had not the right to go to this special day. * Egocentric dilemma: In one of my last internship I was working with a manager who was really egocentric and all the time when I try to propose him some news things he was changing my proposition with one of him and say to me it was because he has more experience than me.

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