Organizational conflict

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Organizational conflict is a state of discord among workers caused by opposition of needs, beliefs, or interests. Conflict takes many forms in an organization, such as misunderstandings between how work should be done, who is in charge, how hard should an employee work, how should be work divided equally, employee salary, and many others. Conflict in an organization could be viewed in two ways. One is positive or good, and the other is negative or bad.

Good conflict can be perceived as productive conflict, much like in any sport, competitiveness arises and productivity between employees multiply. This good conflict can be implemented by managers in situations where in he would give bonuses or salary raise to employees who could reach certain sales quota. By this, the manager initiated good conflict, workers then would exert more effort to reach the quota to claim the additional compensation, this creates a mutual relationship between the company and the employees, in a way that it boosts the company’s profit and in return employees are given monetary compensations.

On the other hand, negative or bad conflict can be destructive and may precede company losses. Negative conflicts, can be in the form of attitude problems among employees, disputes among employees and managers, thus personality and attitude problems. Bad conflicts are worsened by employees, because they prefer working alone to protect his interest, they ignore the conflict and just let it grow, also, when the staff itself shows little interest to fix the problem. This is counter productive, since any company needs collaboration of ideas between workers. Without teamwork, work wouldn’t be finished on time and this would greatly affect the over all profit.

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Managers should fuel productive conflict among workers to motivate team work and collaboration among the employees. He should always keep in mind to avoid destructive conflict to prevent an inefficient working environment.

In my own personal experience I have dealt with different types of co-workers. Working in an office is like working in a war zone. You deal with


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