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Human resource works with finance to determine the salaries and wages of the employee's and also any increase in salary and bonuses. This helps the business to pay the right amount of wages or salaries. Human resource also interacts with marketing to verify the adverts for recruitment. This helps for marketing to concentrate more on their work instead of finding new recruits and with good team-building skills John Lewis employers unite employees around a common goal and generate greater productivity.

The department's team members in John Lewis not only share expectations for accomplishing group tasks, but trust and support one another and respect one another's individual difference. Monitoring of employees both informal and formal To coordinating a team is likely to mean that John Lewis should knows what employees should be doing to work towards their targets. It is important for john Lewis to monitor the team's performance to make sure that they are actually making progress. One formal way John Lewis measure performance of employees by monitoring how closely the targets have been met.

This involves measuring sales figure, seeing how much the team has spent or even considering the number the number of customer complaints during a give time of period. Staffing to meet changing business demands John Lewis need more staff in busy period like Christmas. They recruit more staff for temporary period. In resection time John Lewis stopped recruiting more staff. From last few months they get rid of many employees because of the new technology in shop for example, customers can pay by them self on self operating till , they don't have to go on till and pay their.

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So john Lewis has reduced their staff. Outsourcing operations and its advantages Outsourcing is when you contract out a business function to a third party over a substantial period of time. This third-party organization takes control of the function and becomes responsible for its success Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on what you do best, save money, be more flexible and manage growth effectively. It also allows your business to gain access to outside expertise and technologies. John Lewis has partnership with logic Group which is the outsourcing operation.

The authentication of online customers has been outsourced to Logic Group Managed Services, cardholders are authenticated using the Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code programmers'. The Advantage of this outsourcing operation is 28% of John Lewis Direct customers using it in the first week of operation. The critical resources needed to operate effectively John Lewis make sure that individual employee are managed within the organization. John Lewis use all the resources effectively within teams to meets its targets that are set.

The resources John Lewis need skills for example Team working skills which will help them to work as a team, good communication skills will help employees to keep good communication within the team, experience (this will help experienced employees to more effectively and will also save money for John Lewis to train new employees) and even financial resources that help the team to achieve what its need to. John Lewis mangers appoint teams leader with in different department to look after team members on day-to-day basis and provide them with all resources.

John Lewis also provides training resources to improve employee's performance and team performance which will help them to get their target. The incentives used for staff to achieve targets There is a wide range of incentive schemes used by John Lewis because incentive schemes will help John Lewis to recruit and retain valuable staff, reward performance and productivity. It also helps them to get the best out of their employees. To make their employees achieve their targets John Lewis provides a wide range of incentive schemes, each with different costs.

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