Living Apart Together

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1. Living Apart Together, also called L. A. T, is a unique phenomenon that through modern time has become more and more popular among couples. The purpose of L. A. T is that a couple, which either are married, engaged or boyfriend and girlfriend, who has an intimate relationship but the couple lives separately on separate addresses. LAT relationships is increasingly understood and also accepted in public. It is seen by most people, as good enough partnership and the couples still remain the same expectations about the commitment and loyalty as marriage or cohabitation.

Text 2, ‘’Home Alone Together’’ written by Jill Brooke, focuses on pro and cons statements from both experts and from quite ordinary people. Jeannette Lofas, who is a clinical social worker and the founder of the Stepfamily Foundation, is pro living apart together. She thinks it could be a great solution to blended families because ‘’blended families are so vulnerable to internecine resentments and power struggles’’. Some couples, especially young couples, which are in a L. A.

T relationship is because of commitment problems. That is why Gail Sheehy, who is an author and writer of the book ‘’Sex and the seasoned Woman’’, also agrees Another advocator (FIN SAMKÆD) of L. A. T relationships is Judye Hess who is a family therapist in Berkeley, California. According to Judye Hess are there to many couples that are trying way to hard to fit into a model of the perfect relationship, and that does not always work out and the solution of that problem could be a L. A. T relationship.

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In text 3, ‘’Just What Modern Romance Needs: ‘’Living Apart Together’’ ’’ written by Gary Picariello, Living Apart Together is explained as a new term for couples who just don’t want to commit. Gary Picariello is con Living Apart Together, because he don’t think that it is a good solution to a couple who are not good at compromising, negotiation and commitments, as he explains ‘’having their own space to retreat to during the rough times in a relationship could mean that the individual will continue to be not so good at compromise, negotiation, and/or commitment’’.

Gary Picariello actually can see a good point in living apart because then when the couple are together then they appreciate their togetherness even more when they do get together. 2. In the third text, ‘’Just What Modern Romance Needs: ‘’Living Apart Together’’ ‘’, Gary Picariello writes as if he is talking directly to the reader (GODT) as if he has to convince the reader. But when he writes in that style, the text, in this case, gets more ordinary and a conversation, he askes question to the reader ‘’So what’s the deal with ‘’Living Apart Together? ’ ‘’ and it makes Gary Picariello’s writing style is very similar to if he should write an essay. 3. In text 1, ‘’Couples that live apart…stay together’’ is written by Rosemary Bennett and presents some advantages by living apart. When a couple, one or both partners, have children from previous relationships, then it would be easier to preserve structure and routines if the partners live apart from each other.

Some people, who have been through a divorce, find a new boyfriend or girlfriend, and if they have children from the previous relationship, they can be hesitating about the new boyfriend living with the children.

A divorce can be rather though to children and when a new man or woman comes in their life they respond on different ways, they either likes them or they do not fancy them at all. If the children do not fancy them, a L. A. T relationship can be the best solution. But the consequence of not living together can be trust issues, when a couple is in a L. A. T relationship it is necessary that the same trust and commitment, as in a relationship where they live together, otherwise the relationship can not work out.

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