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In Your Opinion What Is/Are The Main Theme(s) Of The Book?

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Have you ever thought about death? Are you ready to die? If your answer is no, you can change it by reading Tuesday With Morrie . This book is filled with perfect aphorisms and life lessons that can change someone’s life. Tuesday classes with Morrie changed Mitch Albom’s life and thought him how to live. The issues that they talked about are big lessons for everyone. Personally, I have learned a great deal from the book and in this essay, I explain some important themes which, in my opinion, are offered in rejection of what culture is holds to be true, give love and let it come in, and do not think money is everything.

First theme is rejecting what culture is saying. do not believe what people around you telling what is right or wrong. Try to develop your own culture by finding people whom you can trust . Every society has its own problems; therefore, you need to be strong and listen to your heart , do your work , and do not give up on things that you do not believe in . For example, in the book Morrie’s opinion is “we are teaching the wrong things. And you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it” (page 35).

This quote means that if you listen to media, news, and your friends and do what they ARE saying, you will end up with an unhappy life. Likewise, Morrie, who loses his independence, is still accepted in society, because he has unique way for living, he has his own culture. He started project called Greenhouse, where poor people could receive mental health services. He visited by colleagues, kept in touch with his students, and wrote letter to his distant friends. All of this is signs of a fact that he was successful in developing his own culture.

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To sum up, do not waste your time to believe culture and do not lose your confidence. Believe yourself and trust your belief to have a happy life. The second theme is the fact that love can never die. If you have someone to love you, you will never disappear from his or her minds. Love between you and your family will take care of you at any time, even though you got terminal disease, like Morrie, and there is no hope for you to live. “The fact is there is no foundation, no secure ground, upon which people may stand today if it isn’t the family. (page91) For instance, in Morris’s opinion “love is A rational act” (page 134). It means if you give love, it will return to you. He quoted from W. H. Auden the thing that love is the essence of every person, and every relationship without it is nothing. We can see that the importance of love in Morrie’s life is clear for him because when he is going close to death without care of his family, he would perish. In conclusion, love brings happiness and meaning to life. Lastly, do not think money is everything. People who just work for money are always busy.

They do not pay attention to people around them, they are alone, and everything is money for them. They think money gives them power, and it can sustain them at any time even when they face with death. However, Morrie knows better since when one encounters death, neither money nor power will give one the feeling that they are looking for. People, who think more money is better, do so because they did not find meaning in their lives, so to find out the meaning in their lives, they just run for new houses, new cars, and property. They seek meaning in appearance. The truth is, you don’t get satisfaction from those things. Only offering what you have to give, gives you satisfaction. ”(page126) For example, if you have skill in computer, you can teach to the old people. They will be very grateful. This is how you start to get respect by offering your time and your talent. Lastly, money cannot give you everything you need; on the contrary, it can make you lonelier. In conclusion, I really enjoyed the book and I have learned from it. It thought me that culture is not always right and most of people do not know this fact. They rather be brainwashed in their lives.

Second theme is love people around you, enjoy your moment with them, and find someone to give your love uniquely. Have children to experience one of the most important feelings in life; a sense Of fullness and felicity which cannot be expressed in words. Additionally, the last thing is money. It is not something for which you would be supposed to work and spend all your time on. Instead, pay more attention to people around you, and put more essence of human being in your lifetime. Finally, I am seeing this book as a life reference, filled with perfect quotes and stories. I really recommend it to people to read and learn from it.

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