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Operations Management: Process Improvement Plan

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Statistical process control is important in a process design because it can show the characteristics from a certain behavior, operation, or task over a period of time. It is important to collect the data and report results as the process is occurring, so that immediate corrective actions can be taken. This helps in controlling the quality and the deviation beyond acceptable limits. In simple terms, a process is measured to find out the deviations from the desired result.

The metrics designed to measure the process help in quantifying and depicting the ability of the process design to give the expected results. Using the quantitative information and the use of statistical process controls helps in identifying the deviations. In this study, we have selected a process design, “Getting ready for work in the morning. ” The factors that affect the process design could be the time taken to complete all the activities required for getting ready and the availability of resources (toothpaste, shaving cream, electricity, dryer, food & clothes).

Time and the tasks which are being performed play the key roles in determining what and how to improve this process design. Design and Development of Flow Chart Flowcharts represent the flow of logic in systematic manner. The following are the steps involved in getting ready and leaving for work a) waking up and getting out of the bed, b) Using restroom for performing essential duties such as brushing, shaving and taking shower. c) Drying clothes (usually takes 20 minutes) and simultaneously eating breakfast.

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Operations Management: Process Improvement Plan

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d) Getting dressed e) Reviewing the to do list f) Leaving for work. While measuring and controlling this process, the time was an important variable and it was calculated in minutes. Multiple tasks contributed to the amount of time spent from the first process to the final process. The following data was collected before measuring and controlling the process and the time it took to leave home for work after the process was controlled and corrective actions were taken.

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