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Skype Improvement

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In todays devices and services world more and more people choose to use Skype from devices like smartphones and tablet PCs hat rely on battery power, that on average have less processing power than modern desktop computers, and that are not physically or permanently connected to the Internet. This shift in the way people use Skype has required to enhance Skype's P2P connectivity as well as conserving battery and processing power, while delivering even more of the functionality and reliability that our users expect.

Skype clients will continue to evaluate bandwidth, connectivity and firewall settings to select the most appropriate path for the call and continue to connect devices for P2P calls across the Internet so that users get audio and video connections that 'Just work. As Skype continue on this Journey, these new technologies are helping to drive improved battery life and improved connections making Skype as a whole more resilient and providing a platform for exciting new features.

Introducing new features Skype have to introduce exciting new features such as video messaging which lets you catch up whenever or wherever the users are, connecting the users with the special people in their life even when their schedules conflict. Skype should invest in ringing new Skype scenarios online, putting the people who matter most to the users Just a click away. For example, in Outlook. com the users are enabled to connect through Skype without leaving your browser.

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Improving registration and account security Skype should improve their sign-up, sign-in, and security features. Great new features such as two step verification, will bring additional security to the users. As Skype continue to their new secured communication platforms, such as Xbox, Microsoft account will mean that the users have Just one account to remember and an unlock communications with a growing community of over 700 million Microsoft account users worldwide.

Improving Skype chats Skype users send billions of chat messages every month, and enhancing the performance and quality of this core messaging experience is one of the key improvements the Skype should highlight. The Skype cloud should add the ability to queue and deliver chat messages even if the intended recipient is offline - so you can be 'always reachable' to the people who matter most. Skype also should broaden

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