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Program Improvement Opportunities

Program Evaluation Opportunities Locating program strengths and weaknesses are areas in which a system of collective information about a programs activities, characteristics, and outcomes provides opportunity for program improvements.An evaluation process raises questions such as is the program planned to meet the desired goals, for example, meeting the needs of the target population if any inclusive to the program.Monitoring the program and raising questions regarding the progress of program implementation and the consequences of the program not being implemented as intended.

Assessing the impact of a program, for example, goal effectiveness, valuable lessons, and unanticipated effects adhere to providing opportunities for program improvements.

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Program evaluations can improve a program by eliminating flaws in which cause weaknesses such as, inadequate staff training. Program evaluations can assist program managers in refining and improving their program with a description of how the program is functioning.

Program evaluations are especially informative in reference to funder perspectives from collective information regarding program costs, cost effectiveness, and future costs. In conclusion, in order for any to program to be successful there are many types of evaluations and processes any director has to go through in order for the program to be successful within any community. The funders will raise questions if the funding organization feels certain questions are not answered.

These questions can include how the director of the program plans on addressing the targeted populations’ constant need for services and if the director plans on upgrading any of the programs services it has already been providing to the surrounding community and the targeted population. By doing this any and all programs can be very successful throughout the entire existence of the program or organization. References Yuen, F. & Terao, K. (2003). Practical grant writing & program evaluation. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole—Thomson Learning.

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