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Open Religion Exam Review

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What problem does global free trade cause? Explain "common good. " - the 3 essential elements for common good. What is social justice? 7 themes of Catholic Social teaching. What each theme teaches Explain globalization How much of the total world income do countries like Canada receive? How much of the total world income do the poorest people in developing countries receive? How has globalization become a nightmare for poor countries? Explain how globalization could lead to justice.

Who is Craig Eagleburger. What issues does he care about? Who has he helped? How has he helped them? "Inside Your Threads". What are the issues raised. How are these situations unjust? What could be done to bring justice to these situations? Who is Ryan Hershel? What issue does he care about? Who has he helped? How has he helped? Why are relationships important? Define intimacy. Briefly explain the 5 levels of intimacy Describe the stages Of the family life cycle. What Stage is your family in?

What are the types of families? Describe the moral decision making model What are values? Describe standards for judging values Define or explain sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, heterosexual orientation, nonsexual orientation, abstinence, celibacy, chastity What are SST Is - list 'bacteria caused' SST Is - treatment - list 'virus caused' Stir - treatment 2 reasons why the Catholic Church calls for abstinence from sexual intercourse outside marriage What is Natural Family Planning (NAP)?

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Open Religion Exam Review

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What does it mean to be Catholic in today's society? Movies we watched this semester Power of One Stolen Summer Dan in Real Life Junk Ryan's Well It Take a Child Inside Your Threads pay it Forward Explain how each movie connects to a theme or topic discussed in class this semester.

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