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How Do Online Communication Tools Affect Us

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Communication tools that I am going to talk about are based on network, and how do they affect us. The communication tools which are web-based are two main types. It includes social networking sites and instant message. For the social networking sites, it includes facebook, twitter, and Friendster. These are the website which gives people a lot of fun and also some affects. Instant message it includes MSN, Yahoo messenger, and skype. These help people to get contact with their friends, and families.

In the past, there was no computer, no internet. If people live far away from each other, the way of they can contact with each other are that they can write a letter, or call each other. They cannot see each other until they meet at the same place, it is very sad of when you miss someone but you could not see them in front of you. But for now, we have improved the technology. We have got computer, internet and some ipad, iphone. Therefore we can just go to the computer and have a video conversation with your families and friends.

The communication tools help us to save the time and money to see families in front of you, with these communication tools, you can know what is your friend thinking. And also can see your families through the skype. For these web-based communication tools, it has its superficial and personal sides. So I am going to talk about how it performance in a superficial and personal side. It is superficial when you are using the facebook to post your status to show your emotion and other people can comment or like it.

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It also can let you knowyou're your friends doing. Facebook allows you to find friends and make new friends, it will send you a friend request, and it might not become your real friend. Because it does not let you meet friend, the only thing you can do is to talk with the new friend, and see the profile picture. Sometimes the profile picture might not be a real one. It also can chat with the online friends. Facebook also have a personal side when you use it. For example, when there is a friend request, you can choose to accept or reject.

It also has some affects when we use facebook, because people will get addicted. For students, they might be online their facebook while they are doing homework, students can be disturbed by facebook. For example, when you doing your homework, you found out that you cannot do questions on yourself, then you will go to upload a new status to say that “I cannot do this question” and then you will be keep playing with the facebook. It is personal when you using the instant message.

You can find you friends and families, and search for their username and add them to chat with them whenever you miss them. It also can have a chat with video on, therefore you can see what is your friends or families doing. It is more real than you chat with friends on Facebook. It also can let you to talk with whoever you want to, and have a multi-people conversation. As the technology improves so fast, for a multinational company, they can have their meeting on the video. It saves staff’s time and money to travel from one place to another for a meeting only.

It is easy in communication, because you can choose who you want to talk with, if you don't want to talk with the person, you can just ignore. I think, for instant message, it does not really affect us. It helps us a lot, its different with facebook, which we can gey addicted. For conclusion, I think that communication tools have two sides, which are superficial, and personal, it helps people like we can get contact through the instant message, and see your friends and families on the video. It also affects us by let us to be addicted. Spend a lot of time on facebook.

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