Office Equipment and Machines

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Office work must always be done with good accuracy to ensure quality of the work output. In this case, machines have been of great help to offices in doing much more work at great speed. Every day, different types of machines are used in an office to help workers in their specific tasks. A basic definition of a machine is that it is an instrument to aide in performing a particular task; from the small calculator to the computers, these are all considered machines. Office equipment are consist of different types of machines that aide the workers in doing their job.

These machines have different types of classification according to their functions. There are machines that are used for communication, recording, duplicating, etc. Each type of machine does different jobs in order to make the task much easier and for the workers to be able to finish it within a small period of time. Machines such as computers are also needed for keeping records of transactions for future use or basis. Saving files in a computer nowadays are more convenient and a lot easier than putting them in folders and boxes.

Today, computers are the most common machine seen within an office. This is because computers can do many functions at once. Machines are believed to function better than a human worker. This is why offices often choose to obtain more machines than to hire more workers. This lessens the employment in some offices. It is true that machines have a great benefit in doing work within an office. But a machine is a mere aide or a tool for the completion of task. Human intervention is still needed in order for these machines to function well.

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II. Body. Workers need equipment for doing their daily job in the office. These equipment serve as tools in doing their tasks. These are commonly seen on a workers desk, drawers and cabinets. Basic equipment would be; pen, paper, scissors, pins, clips, staplers, and the like. Other equipment in the office are used in presenting, analyzing, storing, receiving/sending, recording, and duplicating and even accounting of data. These are the equipment that have more complex functions than the basic equipment. The computer is a machine that does all of these functions.

It is the most convenient type of machine in an office. But although it has the most capabilities, other machines are still deemed to be useful in most situations. For example, you can send e-mails through a computer. This is a type of communication. In some cases, you can also make an outgoing or receive and incoming call with a computer. But since the majority of offices use the land-line or the telephone, it would be convenient to use the latter than that of the former. Another example, printing files are possible with a computer.

But to duplicate these files, a photocopier is much faster and an ink-saver in duplicating documents. The office is consists of these various types of equipment. With different functions, they tend to work best with proper handling by an operator/worker. Machines were made by humans in order to help them in their task, not to replace human workers in an office. These machines, like the basic equipment, are just tools that are to be used by people to hasten their work and to improve its quality and quantity. III. Conclusion Office Equipment are aide in maximizing the quality and quantity of an output.

And it works best when it is in a good condition. These equipment are still dependable to human for repairs and preservation. Office equipment and machines are useless without human interventions. They would simply be tools if there are no operators controlling/using it. Although it is easier to control a machine than that of a human worker, we should also consider that this is because man is the most complex machine. Man is capable of more things that a computer is able to do. This led to creation of machines which would help in accomplishing tasks or goals.

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