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Ip Camera

Basic – analog and digital Branded ones – Bosch, AXIS, Mobotix Biggest Taiwan brand Vivotek Check out AXIS and Mobotix trend in each country. Bosch is following up with AXIS and Mobotix. Bosch website is good in technical.

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Vivotek is good in hardware. Bosch and Airlive software are good. Analog camera has BNC connector (round connector). Can convert analog to digital? Yes is possible. Cost is 25 USD to 250USD. Can convert to BNC to RJ45 or even to Fibre. Lens affect the viewing angle from 4 MM, 6MM, 8MM, 16MM. Manufacturer is Sharp and Sony. Lens also got differentiate into CMOS and optical lens. Optical lens consume more bandwidth.

AXIS has the best CMOS lens and they can make it closer to optical lens. MTBF- Mean time before failures. Our AP is 200,000HRS which is quite safe. Camera also have MTBF timing. Bosch have best datasheet. Digital cameras is using RJ45, LAN cable. Digital have both indoor and outdoor. DVR for analog have BNC connector. 16 holes. 1 hole 1 channel. DVR is for digital camera. DVR is mostly for soho use up to 16 channels or even 32 channels = 32 digital cameras. 1 camera 1 ip address. DVR – we have 1 setup box and 1 harddisk and few buttons for control. Older form of DVR is onsite recording. 2nd generation is with Lan cables so is going via IP.

Can record offsite. PTZ cameras – Pan Tilt Zoom.. which the lens is optical. NVR – network video recording is like a NAS, up to dual CPU power with single GIGBABIT port for connecting high resolution cameras for processing. Can connect up to 254 cameras to 1 NVR (255 ip address for Class C subnet mask). Codec is required for converting the recording for onsite. H. 264 and MPEG file version. For future, people are doing bigger and larger and scalable NVR to increase the number of cameras. Raid is now up to 0 and 1. Next year will be raid 5 and raid 6. inside have 4 CPU inside 4U CPU rack with 2 harddisk with redundant power. Software –

Questions to ask. 1) What is the FRAME per second? FPS. Recording for IP camera is 29FPS is good (for wired). Wireless camera is normally 3 to 5 FPS for viewing. Recording is still 29FPS for wireless. 2) Resolutions. 320 x 320, 480 x 320, 640 x 480, 1024 x 768 etc. higher resolution will consume higher bandwidth. For analog is defined as lines. Eg HD TV has 1080 lines. 3)CODEC file type. For night vision is based on lux. 0. 5 LUX is able to see already. 1 LUX – 40W of light bulbs. IP cameras do not take standard POE but it take POE+. AXIS – strong at indoor Mobotix – strong at outdoor Vivotek – Outdoor and indoor Bosch – Outdoor