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News Media: Overview

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They are often misrepresented by editors in order to make them more appealing to the viewer. For example, take this Big Mac from McDonald's. Here, advertisers have used a false portrayal of the real Big Mac to manipulate It's viewers to want to the buy their product. Similarly to advertises misleading us, so too does the media In their depiction of conveying real life Issues and events through the use of language features. Good morning/afternoon fellow classmates, today I am here to discuss the misrepresentations displayed in news articles.

Recently, there has been a controversy between bikes and Campbell Newsman's new anti-bike laws. In the articles titled This Brisbane man posted a menacing video warning the premier. Police say he's done nothing wrong' by Robin Ironsides, and 'Senior police packing heat' by Thomas Chamberlain and David Murray, both authors convey an unfair representation of the groups of bikes within society. These groups are often marginal's and authors portray them negatively based upon stereotypes. Together, these articles demonstrate the Inaccurate representations of bless as minorities.

The article Senior police packing heat' published by the Courier Mall on the 1 lath of November (201 3), describes the Queensland Police battle against the belle legislation. Through closer examination, It Is clear that the authors, Thomas Chamberlain and David Murray have created a biased depiction of motorcycle groups though the utilization of language techniques such as evaluative language, repetition and actions. The headings of newspaper articles are considered to be one of the most important aspects of the text as it aims to engage and catch the reader's attention.

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The title Senior police packing heat' is a great example of an attention grabbing heading; however, it incorporates a negative connotation about motorcycle groups. The phrase "packing heat," is quite alarming as it coincides with the Queensland Police Union's action to take stand in preparation for their fight against the bless. Here, Chamberlain and Murray have stereotyped all forms of motorcycle gangs to perceive them as criminals, or Involved In criminal activity. As a result, the government has made legislations against the entire belle population to stop their true as motorcyclists in order to prevent violent and illegal acts.

The authors have also used repetition and actions to clearly show Queensland bikes as an infamous group to reinforce to the reader about their destructive prominence in society. Through the actions of Commissioner Ian Stewart, Chamberlain and Murray have successfully showed the Queensland Police Unions considerations to "allow some district duty officers to carry RE . 223 carbines with telescopic sights in their vehicles. " "These are very, very high powered weapons and they need to be handled very, very ruefully. The repetition of "very," emphasizes the dangers and threats posed to us by the bikes and outlines how much care "SENIOR police" should take. This showcases that the people Involved in motorcycle groups are considered to be criminals and or Involved In criminal actively as their behavior in society Is alleged to be Illegal. Similarly, the article entitled 'This Brisbane man posted a menacing video warning the Premier. Police say he's done nothing wrong' Published by the to Premier Campbell Newman and his family.

However, after deconstructing the article, it is clearly shown that investigators could not identify any signs of criminal offence behind the menacing video. Through the utilization of language features such as emotive language and intensifiers, Ironsides has portrayed the offender as a mysterious man alleged to be involved in criminal activities. This emotive language is depicted in the second stanza of the article. Ironsides states that the "Queensland Police Service confirmed investigators" that the man responsible was not persecuted of any illegal acts.

This indicates that the man behind the online video criticizing the State Governments "anti-bike laws" has not been found to commit any signs of criminal offence. Despite this, the author has created an undesirable representation of motorcycle minorities through the use of intensifiers. She writes that the "masked man" involved in the online video criticized the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment. " This implies that although the man was not committed of any lawless offence, he was assumed to be a dangerous figure in society.

Here, the author has represented this group of people in a negative manner through a careful election of deceptive techniques. To reinforce this statement, Ironsides has incorporated a visual element in her article that portrays the alleged offender to have committed the series of threats to Campbell Newman and his family. This picture displays the masked man giving an inappropriate gesture towards authority, therefore, reinforcing our negative perceptions of bike groups. Every day, journalists are entrusted with the task of delivering unbiased events and issues to the public.

However, editors regularly bypass this expectation, and instead serpentine the story to what was actually being conveyed in order to manipulate readers to perceive something the way they want you to. This technique was used by Robin Ironsides in her article titled 'This Brisbane man posted a menacing video warning the Premier. Police say he's done nothing wrong,' and Thomas Chamberlain and David Murray in their article 'Senior police packing heat'. In these articles both authors have represented bike minorities in a bias and negative manner. They have portrayed all motorcyclists groups as criminals who are involved in illegal activities.

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