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Navy Chief Petty Officer Medal of Honor Recipients

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The Chief Petty Officer is a rank in the U.S. Navy just above the rank of the Petty Officer First Class.

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Navy Chief Petty Officer Medal of Honor Recipients

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. The Navy Medal of Honor is America’s oldest and still continuing award. The Medal of Honor is the supreme award in the United States of America for bravery in wars.  Any member of the Armed Services of the United States who performs exceptionally in his field of warfare during martial operations risking his life to protect the interests of the country is awarded the Medal of Honor. Since everyone in the Armed Services has values of bravery and selflessness, the recommendation for this award is made with the greatest care and consideration. When the Medal was initially awarded during the Civil Wars, it was the only medal for bravery in wars; but during the Spanish American War, it became the highest honor, with many other medals being given for valor in wars. Apart from the respect the Medal entails, the recipients have many other privileges like increased monetary benefits, wearing their uniforms wherever they choose to, and attending Presidential inaugurations. Even the children of the recipients of the Medal of Honor enjoy privileges. If they are qualified and desire to attend the U.S. military academies, they can do so without any restrictions of quotas. So far, more that 3400 Medal of Honor awards have been given. Getting the prestigious Medal would be the proudest moment of any serviceman, and John Finn had the taste of it when it was placed around his neck in recognition for his valor in the Second World War. Born in Los Angeles, California, on July 23, 1909, he enlisted in the Navy in 1926 and served as a Chief Petty Officer. John Finn was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor for his conspicuous heroism and gallantry while at the Naval Air Station Kahoehe Bay, Hawaii, during the air raid by Japan, which targeted the facility.  With a machine gun, Chief Finn effectively fired at the enemy planes. Though he received severe wounds, he put up a brave fight and created great havoc to the enemy planes. His action during the attack was indeed amazing. George Brady was yet another proud possessor of the Medal of Honor. He was born on September 7, 1867.  He was a Chief Gunner’s Mate in the U.S. Navy.  George Brady was awarded the Medal of Honor for his exceptional performance in the Spanish American War. George Brady proved a real asset to the U.S. forces. He was on board the torpedo boat Winslow when enemy forces targeted it. The boat was extensively exposed to bombs and suffered great damage

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