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Qualities of a good chief excutive officer

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The success of any organization depends on the nature of leadership provided by its executive officer. There are many types of leadership type and style portrayed by Chief Executive Officers. This is because different organizations have different needs. The roles of the Chief Executive Officers ranges from financial stability, to growth of the organization , The failure of any organization, just as any growth and success, is also on the shoulder of the Chief Executive Officer. The successful of any organization requires a team approach with certain levels of management.

To achieve all this, the chief executive officer must have unique traits, such traits include, Intellect. The chief executive officer needs to be an intellectual who knows how to solve different problems by thinking very quickly and acting firmly in regard to the organizational policies. This will enable him to be able to address threats such as rising costs and increasing competition which will have a great impact on the financial status. The shortages of professional personnel have contributed to increases in labor costs which also impact the organization .

An intellect officer overcomes all the challenges he faces at any point. Chief Executive Officer must portray the ability to inspire and develop new ideas for the financial environment as they also devise strategies and formulate policies to ensure that organizational goals are met. Trust; All employees need to have trust in their chief executive officer. A firm’s senior administrator must work tirelessly to earn the trust of all employees. Such trust comes out of the officer’s honesty, open mindedness, understanding level, flexibility and effective communication. Interpersonal skills.

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A senior officer must have the firm‘s support staff; for whom he is responsible, and the firm’s partners, to whom he is responsible. A strong executive officer must be able to function smoothly with each group, respected as a leader by the firm’s staff and as a peer by the firm’s partners. Strong interpersonal skills are indispensable in this regard. Teamwork and collaboration. Teamwork normally minimizes friction in the organization . a senior administrator need not to be alone ranger because more than often he consults especially on making key decisions In fact, Leaders must create strong followers to execute their vision.

An organization can withstand a certain number of lone rangers in the partner ranks. But these same characteristics can be shortcomings if present in a senior administrator. A chief officer must be a consummate team player, someone who can work collaboratively with the diverse elements present in all firms and bring them together in a way that promotes the firm’s long-term best interests. Chief Executive Officers provide guidance and leadership to the governing board and strategically manage all aspects of the association.

Communication skills; a successful executive officer must be able to communicate clearly-this will enable all subordinate to understand organizational policies and objectives so as to work towards achieving them. He also needs to draw a clear communication hierarchy-horizontal or vertical. Incase of a communication breakdown in the organization, the organization will fall; the success of the organization depends on the nature of leadership provided. Firmness; after the Chief Executive Officer has formulated organizational policies he must be fair and firm on their implementation.

This is because some employees may resist new changes in the organization. A good leader should not be swayed on implementation of policies he formulated. Knowlegable; a Chief Executive Officer must muster all operations in every department so as to enjoy all powers. This will enable him to note any department which is not performing well and respectful attention is provided. If employees note that the Chief Executive Officer lacks knowledge on organizational activities, they will not have confidence in him especially during problem solving time and also when making critical decisions in regard to those departmental activities.

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Qualities of a good chief  excutive officer essay

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