Efficient Time Management for Cash Counting and Petty Cash Spreadsheet Maintenance

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A task like this would usually take me 10 minutes in the morning to do a cash count up and an hour in the afternoon in which I set myself from pm until pm to get this completed on Monday- Thursday.

On a Friday however I set myself 2 hours (pm -? pm) as I have to go back over the week, input all outgoings on to the petty cash spreadsheet, calculate how much of our float we have spent and how much needs to be requested, make sure all figures equalize, photocopy everything so that the originals go to our head office and the photocopies stay in the centre for our records, package and get ready to send second class recorded to Head-Office that afternoon. See evidence 'Ross Handwriting - Witness Testimony. 3. - It is ally important that I priorities my time throughout my working day to ensure that I get as much done as possible and use my time effectively. At the beginning of each day I like to make myself a 'to do list' on Outlook. I do this so that know exactly what need to get done and I can also set myself targets on time slots to get the task done in so that all my time is used efficiently. If I was to be given another task throughout my working day would add this to my to-do list amending it depending whether the task is high-priority or not.

This is extremely helpful and helps me keep on top of all of my tasks as can rack how much of the task I have completed and what is still yet to complete. When click in to the task I have set myself specific tasks which help me to break down my job even more: like to keep both an electronic check list as well as a hard copy to make sure keep on top of my tasks. The hard copy is useful for me as I can physically see what needs to be done however the electronic copy notifies me on my desktop in case am involved in other tasks to keep me from losing track of time.

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See evidence To do list - Outcome 3. 2 Evidence' & 'Ross Handwriting Witness Testimony'. 3. - am able to confirm effective working methods with my colleagues and managers. For example, when planning my diary and allowing myself time to complete my apprenticeship/NV work I was concerned that wasn't allowing myself enough time to complete my work in the time that my assessor had asked and expected. I expressed my concerns to my line manager and together we confirmed a more effective way Of working in order to complete my NV coursework.

See evidence 'Unit 201 Outcome 3 - 3. 3 Email Evidence'. 3. 4 - I am able to indemnify when I have made a mistake or there has been a problem with my own work. As well as this, can also report these concerns to others and go to them for support when needed. An example of this would be when dealing with petty Cash; there was a time when calculating and finalizing petty cash, the balance in bank and tin and total weekly outgoings didn't add up to equal our weekly float.

This meant that we were 'missing' money is somewhere or something that we have paid out during the week was not accounted for. Expressed my concern to my line manager and together we found the 'missing' deficit of money. See evidence 'Unit 201 Outcome 3 - 3. 4 Email Evidence Reporting Problems occurring in own Work'. 3. 5 - It is important to keep other people informed of your progress. For example, recently I was given the opportunity to oversee the creation and contact a printing company for our Kennedy Scott 25th Anniversary company invitations.

The task was given to me by my Business Manager and it was important that I kept her informed of the progress of the creation, quotations and completion dates from the printing company as we was both working to a deadline. See evidence '25th Anniversary Invites Evidence'. 3. 6 -? I am able to complete tasks to agreed deadlines and re-negotiate timescales and plans in good time. As explained in 3. 5, when carrying out the task of having the KS Anniversary invites created, printed and sent out managed to keep to the time scales given and complete all tasks to my deadlines.

However, when creating the design for the invitations, needed extra time to do so and also different resources (Photos). Because of this, after discussing with my business manager, we negotiated timescales and plans in which she let me go home an hour early to work on the invites at home on my laptop which had Photos. See evidence 'Employers Fair Mudstone 24th September 2014 Re-Negotiate Timescales Evidence'. 3. 7 - I am able to take responsibility for my own work and accept responsibility for any mistakes that I make.

By writing myself an Individual Learning Plan this shows that I am able to take responsibility for my own work. In my II-P have set myself short, mid and long term SMART targets to complete over the course of my apprenticeship. My short term target has now been completed as this was to sit online tests for my technical certificates; originally I wanted to achieve this by mid-August 2014 however I only completed 3 of my Technical Certificates by this time after failing one.

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