Nature and Its Relationships with Some Life Stages

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I will also be talking about nature and nurture and how It relates to some of the life stages. The PIES are what everyone needs when they are growing up and get to their full potential they are: physical, intellectual emotional social. Physical needs are things like sleep, food, drink, air, warmth, shelter, reproduction and safety form danger these are things that you cannot live without and need to survive. Intellectual Is the second need In life Is the need to learn, face challenges, Interests and hobbies.

The third need is emotional needs this is things like: respect to you and others, identity, self-esteem and self-worth. The final need is social this is when you need to feel a ensue of belonging, such as a relationship with someone, affection, family, a work group, and love. Development from O-death physical, Intellectual, emotional and social Conception and birth In the physical stage you are constantly growing In terms of biological cells growing from a cluster in the fallopian tubes to an embryo.

By 8 weeks the embryo develops Into a fetus inside your mother's womb and develops tissues, limb, organs and senses, this process ends when your mother gives birth to you. In the Intellectual stage you do not learn anything as you do not thing. In the emotional stage you start o grow an attachment to your mother but you cannot have any self-work or concept as you cannot learn. In the social stage you grow a close relationship with your mum as she Is carrying you and her body Is feeding you this Is the only relationship that you develop in this stage as you have not been born yet so there for cannot build any relationships.

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You may feel a sense of belonging during pregnancy but that would be It. Infancy In the physical stage you keep constantly growing and developing you grow In height and weight to become stronger this is so that you can support you self you first start y supporting your head then move on to supporting your back when you sit up then you support your whole body when you start standing up for the first time. Also your learn how to digest foods that are easily digest able at first then you go on to after you have been weaned of your mother's milk.

The intellectual stage of infancy is that the child starts to communicate with words and is in the process of learning to speak. The child may also be able to count to 10 and say the alphabet but as doing this they do not actually know the meaning of what they are saying an example of this Is If you UT a lop In front of them and then 5 x ups they would chose the ups as they think that there are more of them and do not understand the concept of what they are 1 OFF like their parents or close family and friends if this effected in the infancy then it can affect you in later life.

An example of this is that if you aren't securely attached to their mum or dad may in later life be not as able to cope with stress and other major life events. In the social stage of infancy by the age of 2 months they may start to smile and by 3 months they will be able to respond to their parent's voices after 5 months they can recognize people that they have seen such as grandparents and family friends. They start to form an emotional attachment to their parents and by the age of 30 months -36 months they are playing alongside other children and making friends.

Childhood In the physical stage children grow constantly but they do it at a slower speed than in infancy. By the age of 4 they will be able to kick and throw a large ball when the child is 6 its head will be only having ten per cent left to grow even though its body still has ages to grow fully. They may be able to skip or ride a bike. Their reproductive organs stay small and useless until puberty. In the intellectual stage children can now think logically and understand simple logical mind puzzles.

You may find that a 7-8 year old may find it difficult to mentally imagine puzzles that do not make perfect sense or riddle like questions In the Emotional stage children start to use their imagination and they begin to understand the roles that others play in their life. They start to picture them self how they want them to be (ideal self) and their parent's relationship my how the child feels (sense of self-worth). The way that they act at school with their teacher and friends may influence there self-confidence if this stage goes wrong then in the long run and in adult hood they may feel a sense of failure or no self-worth.

In the social stage young children are dependent on their careers such there parents they begin to learn social roles such as friendship and teacher student relationships. Adolescence In the physical stage the child/ adult are nearly fully grown and puberty starts to happen. This happens in girls between 11 and 13, it general happens for girls earlier than boys. Boys start puberty between the ages of 13 and 15. Puberty is the stage where the body starts to develop its sexual organs ready for sexual reproduction it is started by the release of hormones that control their sexual development.

Both female and male will have a growth spurt at some point where they will grow in height at faster rate than usual. During in puberty girls breasts get larger and they start their fat layers start to increase under the skin. Also they get their menstrual periods and pubic hair starts to grow. During in puberty boys also get pubic hair as well as facial hair. Their voices break. This means that their voices get deeper in tone. Their testes and penis become larger. In the intellectual stage they are now an adult thinker and can thank through and solve complicated problems in their heads.

They can work out a problem like the car won't start as the battery if dead or it needs more fuel. They also may start thinking abstractly and be able to solve a problem without seeing the end idea. In the emotional stage teen ages start to get a sense of their own identity and their sense of self starts to develop further. In this time it may be trustful as they may not have very good self-esteem. This is linked to a person's sense of identity. A strong sense of identity is need so that loving sexual attachments can be made.

This also means that they will feel secure in the work place when influenced by how their family affect them. Teenagers have to cope with becoming confident with their sexuality and also becoming socially independent from the family. Friends are important in this stage as they help them fit it and belong in a group. Teenagers will copy their friend's behavior and the way they dress as well as levels and cultural values. Adult hood In the physical stage you are at the peel of your physical performance from the age 18 - 28 this is proved by champions that do sport.

This is because adults lose their strength and speed with age. Exercise can help you to develop your physical strength and can increase your fitness if you are overweight you will lose weight until you are fit or have a good IBM. In the intellectual stage you are already fully developed fully and need to Get a Job during adulthood this involves learning new skills, skills can also be learn at the early stages of adulthood when a person leaves home and lives independently this can include cooking and managing a home budget. And then in the later years of adulthood adults begin to react more slowly.

In the emotional stages your development starts when a person leaves home and starts to be independent and self-reliant also getting a new Job means you have to behave in a mature manner and you as a person starts controlling the way you respond to emotions. In the social stage you when an adult leaves home they start to build up ewe relationship like getting a partner or getting married and having their own family they start to love in different ways they love their friends, partners, family and children but in different ways.

Being in a working atmosphere means that you develop work friendships as well as colleagues. Old age and the final stages of life In the physical stage older adults are more prone to putting on weight this may happen because they have become less active but still eating the same amount of food as when they were younger. Older adults also are at a higher risk of getting disease and disability. For women menopause happens around the age of 45-60 this is when they become less fertile and are not as able to conceive children.

In the intellectual stage older adults like adult hood nothing has changed other than the fact that you learn something new every day. But as you get older you may start to forget things this may Just be because of old age or because of dementia or Alchemist's. Everyone is different so there intellectual development is different, for example someone could get dementia this could cause there intellectual development to be affected because they have loss of memory.

In the emotional stages emotional development doesn't change much but because of them getting older people can see them as less able and so that can knock there confidence as they can feel that they can't do what they use to be able to do. As you get older, a lot of your friends and family may have passed away because it's the end of their life. Also, older adults may be very close to someone who they had a great relationship and spent most their life with. This person may have passed away and the other person could die of heart ache.

In social stages during these years there group of reined cut down and family start to become more important again. They can also be isolated and be on their own a lot of the time or with their partners and so they're not different social groups, such as going to bingo and meeting new people. My celebrity I picked Madonna as my celebrity in her early life she was born in Bay City, Michigan, on August 16, 1958 and her full time is Madonna Louise Veronica Concise. From the age of 5 Madonna had lost her mum due to cancer but she had also Just got a baby sister.

The treatment or her mother had to be delayed until the baby reached full ERM, but by then the disease had grown too strong and she passed away on the 1 December 1963. This was a big shock to her and therefore had a tough childhood this may affected her emotional and social stages. Because of the career of singing her intellectual development has developed in relation to writing songs as money coming in was more important. Emotionally; she has been though a lot and from a young age was put under pressure and stress due to finance in the family and the death of her mum.

And when she got older due to all the Jobs she is physically and mentally rained because as she has become more famous she has to think about his every move as her whole life is now for everyone to see. This could cause her to be stressed, or depressed as of the media. From a young age she wouldn't have been able to go out with friends as he would have been working as she had a Job and did a lot of ballet. And still as she gets older she has to be careful with who she trusts as because she is famous it could make her quite lonely as she needs to trust people even more than anyone else. References The health and social care LA book 1

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