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Billy Joel

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Billy Joel is a well known musician who has sold millions of albums across the world. Billy Joel has also won multiple grammys and several other awards. He has worked with many other artists and is affectionately known as "The Piano Man." Billy Joel was born on May 9, 1949. He was born as William Martin Joel in Bronx, New York.

He grew up in Levittown, New York. He had two siblings a sister named Judith, and his half-brother Alexander Joel. He started his career at a very early stage in his life. At the age of four he began taking piano lessons. He took lessons on piano until he was sixteen.

He was in three bands before he could even drive and he was a veteran of all of them. Billy Joel decided to start his music career after watching a famous band called "The Beatles" on The Ed Sullivan Show. In 1971 he came out with his first album after dropping out of high school to pursue his career in music.

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The solo album was called "Cold Spring Harbor." Billy Joel then decided to move to Los Angeles. Soon after he job a job as a lounge pianist. Billy Joel married his first wife Elizabeth Weber Small in 1973. They had been partners for years before they married.

In 1982 they separated from each other and both moved on. He then went on to marry famous supermodel named Christie Brinkley. They then had a daughter named Alexa Ray on December 29, 1985. He then split from Christie Brinkley in 1993 and then met and married television star and journalist Katie Lee. The two divorced after being married for fives years.

Billy Joel then went on to meet his current wife Alexis Roderick. They then married in 2015, and went on to have a baby named Della Rose. She was born on August 12, 2015. Billy Joel sold over 150 million successful albums and has won multiple awards.

Throughout his career his singles hit the top charts almost every time. His singles hit the Top 40 thirty-three times through the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's. He received a Grammy Legend Award in 1990 and a Billboard Century Award in 1994 for his outstanding music.

Later in Billy Joel's career he suffered from an alcohol addiction and was continuously in rehab. He then recovered going on to make more music throughout the early 2000's. Joel then released "All My Life" in 2007. The single was his first in thirteen years with original lyrics. Billy Joel performed multiple times at Madison Square Garden and broke records, selling out his concerts monthly.

Billy Joel is one of successful artists of all time topping the charts numbers of time throughout the years. He has won several awards and sold out many shows at popular venues such as Madison Square Garden. Billy Joel has continued to perform and tour throughout the world and break records.

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