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Natural Resources and Energy Paper Critique Essay

Natural Resources and Energy Paper Spechelle Jones, Cherrie Chicaletto, Robert Hernandez, Jamie Hughes SCI/256 October 13th, 2010 The world is growing at a rate of speed of 2.8 people per second and losing 1.6 acres of land per second in accordance with an article last month titled Environmental Impacts from Unsustainable Population Growth on the World Population Awareness website.

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World Population Awareness is an organization concerned with recent problems of as well as solution ideas to popular global warming theories caused directly by overpopulation of the world. (World, 2010).

In addition to all natural resources on this planet fading away, there is an ever growing apprehension with the number of species of wildlife and the respective habitats of each. All over the world, nature preservation parks have been constructed just so a small group of people can be accountable to enforce certain guidelines for that preserve which support and ensure safety of life within that area. With more and more natural resources required to maintain our “natural” function of life, it is inevitable that the natural resources will run out sometime. It is only a question of when.

E. O. Wilson said, “The one process ongoing … that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. This is the folly our descendants are least likely to forgive us. ” This theory has been the fuel for the modern “Go Green” campaign. Individuals everywhere have formed organizations promoting new resources that do not compromise the state of our planet. Ideas are being televised worldwide to educate people and suggest new ways of heating our homes or washing our clothes with a new detergent.

With this in mind, it could only be a matter of time before the government requires everyone to follow certain procedures for the disposal of waste or building a house. Suddenly, it just does not seem so important anymore that the government may be infringing on our rights as an American citizen to force regulatory guidelines. Taking the place of this common concern, is a universal interest and effort to save our planet for the sake of our children. Renewable forest resources are declining due the increased use of nonrenewable forest resources.

Coal and natural gas are two examples of nonrenewable forest resources. These resources are nonrenewable because they cannot be recycled. The high abundance of coal and natural gas hit its peak one hundred years ago, after sitting under the earth for more than an estimated one million years. The supply of coal and natural gas is nearly gone due to excessive use of the resources in the past century. The coal and natural gas is not renewable; these resources are causing pollution to the ocean and all waters alike.

Extracting natural gas and oil from forests for energy source is convenient to humans, but the environment is suffering as well as the natural resources that are part of the local ecosystem of the forest. The forest resources were so abundant; however the transformation to these natural lands is irreversible. The forests can provide natural resources for centuries to come (Derr, 2007). Proper management of these resources is necessary for renewable forest resources. Water, air and paper are all examples of renewable forest resources.

However, once these resources are polluted by the other resources; it is much more difficult to recycle them. In many cases, it is just too late to recycle those items because of the high amount of pollutant they had sustained. Carbon Dioxide is recycled into clean oxygen by plants and trees. Since many trees are being cut down and burned, more charcoal is being produced; which is a nonrenewable resource. The trees are being cut down, which can leave renewable forest resources.

However, many of the trees in these big forests have been growing for thousands of years. The strength and power of these trees is impossible to regain. The trees have been putting clean oxygen into the air for thousands of years. New trees begin growing each year with the seeds from those who were cut down. None of those trees will have near the amount of power and/or shelter important to the surrounding ecosystem like those who had been growing for hundreds of years. It is vital to the local ecosystem of the forests that the trees remain.

Animals do not want paper for shelter, nor can paper produce clean air to breath. It is important that the natural resources be taken care of, too much of the natural resources are depleting too quickly.

References Derr, A. (2007). RENEWABLE RESOURCES. Boys’ Life, 97(3), 38. Retrieved from MasterFILE Premier database. World Population Awareness. (2010). Environmental Impacts from Unsustainable Population Growth. Retrieved from Google at http://www. overpopulation. org/impact. html.

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