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My so-Calld Life Essay

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My So-Called Life What is the underlying meaning of the title of the series? The title of the show, My So-Called Life, suggests the understanding of meaninglessness that many teenagers experience. It shows us how it is to feel judged by others and it encapsulates the main theme of the series. The show depicts the teenage years as being difficult and confusing rather than a light, fun-filled time. This series deals with the expectations that people have of teenagers. The main character, Angela felt like she was being expected to do certain things even though she had ust become a teenager and she was still trying to figure out who she was for herself. In high school, Angela found two new friends named Rayanne and Rickie, who are not the best students and don’t seem to be very good influences on her. As a result, Angela started to skip classes with them and didn’t focus on her school work as much anymore. Her parents expected her to keep up with her school work and do well in her classes, the things she had always done; but being a teenager in high school had changed Angela. In the show, a main focus is how people are judged by their appearance.

Angela felt misunderstood and judged when she dyed her hair red after it being blonde her whole life. Angela didn’t want to be seen as that “goody goody blonde girl” anymore, she wanted to stand out and make a change. Her personality had changed; the people she hangs out with had changed, so why not change her hair too. But her parents and old friends judged her because of it. The show covers all of the characters going through rough times; each and every one of them was put into different situations where they felt meaningless or unwanted. They all ook turns feeling uncomfortable and not knowing how to deal with their situation. At the beginning of the series, Angela felt unwanted by Jordan. Later on, Rickie felt alone after he was involved in a shooting and had no one to talk to about it. Also, Rayanne was jealous of Angela when she found out how great her father was and that Angela didn’t even appreciate it. In a more recent episode, Jordan was frustrated because the substitute teacher picked on him in class. Throughout the series, Shannon felt neglected and hurt when Angela left her and started hanging out with Rayanne and Rickie instead of her.

Finally, Brian felt used when he found out that Angela only came over to his house to meet with Jordan outside. As this series shows us, the teenage years are not easy to deal with. Teens have to figure out who they are and who they would like to be friends with. They have to deal with the expectations people have for them; and be put into situations where they feel meaningless, misunderstood or judged. The title of the show, My So-Called Life, is used to show that the typical teenager's life is not easy and it isn't how it usually is put out to be.

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My so-Calld Life Essay essay

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