Writing: Life Expectancy and Ancient Egyptians Life

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King Tutu became king at age 9 and led his empire from 1333 to 1322 BC. Considering this, the young king had little time to train or plan for his leadership. Instead, he moved directly from childhood to adult responsibilities. Like other Ancient Egyptians, King Tutu married at a young age. Whereas the modern day search for a marriage partner may take decades. The ancient Egyptians had no such leisure to make prolonged marriage decisions. King Tutu and his wife had two children who died as babies. While such deaths would lead o shock and immeasurable grief today, they were common then.

So, parents could not count on watching their children grow up. Unlike modern humans, few Egyptians would have ever dreamed of holding their grandchildren in their arms, though some city-dwellers may have achieved this goal, as they had a lower mortality rate compared to village residents. Other causes of a shorter life expectancy included tuberculosis, polio, and malnutrition. Diseases occasionally broke out, causing utter devastation. Many of these diseases were fatal, and unlike today, few could be cured r even treated.

Still, today's scholars dispute King Tutu died at an age that was considered young even then: 19. King Tutu possibly died from an infection that, even If It had been vigorously treated, would have required antibiotics not yet In existence. Ultimately, his doctors' techniques were limited because they lived before modern medicine. Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, humankind has made great strides prolonging life expectancy. In fact, by ancient Egyptian standards, modern longevity is truly awesome. The Egyptians would be shocked to know that, these days, mom people even discuss immortality as a future possibility.

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He continued his search for years, ultimately coming very close to Warm Mineral spring. Still popular today, the spring thousands of years. It is possible that Leon never whether the spring was the fountain he was seeking, because he (use) for (learn) (lose) his life in battle there. People from many cultures and of years. Most recently, the well-known American magician, David Copperfield, claimed that he had discovered the true fountain amid islands in the Bahamas. Copperfield (report) that when dying bugs are out in contact with the water, they will fly again.

Copperfield purchased the island group, and since then, scientists (conduct) experiments of the waters to determine their restorative powers. The island group visitors for the past several years. (close) to 5. Write a description of your current life, imagining that your life expectancy is only 30. * Write an interesting introduction. * Describe your imaginary life using sensory details of smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch. * Include figures of speech in your description * Include a clear conclusion. * Use the vocabulary and grammar from Unit 1

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