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The Value of Life: Pro Life

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The Value of Life Imagine 3,700 children murdered in one day; their bodies torn, bruised, or poisoned. Sadly, this Is no sick fantasy, but a procedure called abortion, defined as an operation to end a pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus from Its mother's womb ("Choose" sec 1). In the united States alone, approximately 1. 37 million abortions occur per year. Late term abortions, or post first-term abortions, are known to cause serious health problems such as mental issues and moral dilemmas because the fetus has taken the shape ofa baby and thus is a viable human being.

Abortion has een debated for centuries because of its political and social ramifications, and the correctness or lack of correctness. Both sides have strong arguments, but either way, late-term abortion should be made illegal in the United States because of its health risks, viability, and prevalence in society ("Statistics" sec 1). Late- term abortions damage both the mother's mental and physical health dramatically. Once a fetus has taken a babys shape, the most common form of abortion Is using the combination of drugs and medicines.

Methotrexate Is a drug that Is designed to kill the fetus Inside he mother's womb; Misoprostol Is a llquld substance that Is also Involved with this abortion process. It Is used subsequent to Methotrexate and empties the uterus of the child. Medicines, like those mentioned above, are unsafe and unstable, putting the mother's health at risk. For example, Methotrexate is known to be harmful to both the fetus and its mother ("Statistics" sec. 3). The primary use of this drug is to poison the fetus. A problem that can occur in this medicine, typically used for chemotherapy, is it can be toxic.

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In the case that the drug is toxic, the use in abortion can result in eath of both mother and fetus. In addition to drug toxicity, there are also many mental issues that can arise in the mother ("Abortion" sec. 3). Many become depressed because of their decision to abort; others contemplate suicide. Additionally, anxiety has affected many women who have had abortions. In a study of the after effects of abortion, 40% to 60% of women questioned gave negative reactions. This survey was done eight weeks subsequent to the procedure ("Abortion" sec. 3). Out of that percentage, 55% of them felt guilty. 4% claim they experienced ervous disorders, sleeping disorders had occurred in 36% of the women, and not surprisingly, 31% admitted feelings of regret. had to be prescribed with psychotropic pills. The high percentages of metal issues show that abortions cause serious health risks to the mothers. Adding on to mental health problems, physical complications can arise after an abortion ("Abortion" sec. 1). There are a multitude of "minor side effects from abortion. Small infections are a result of abortions. Many women become sick by a fever. Others experience gastrointestinal problems. Bleeding Is a very common outcome of this procedure.

In the same study, women reported chronic abdominal pain, and also excessive vomltlng. Not including minor conditions, there are over 100 major problems recorded that women have faced. A DlocKage 0T an artery or emoollsm can result Trom aoortlon. some experience aeatnly infections. Hemorrhaging, or excessive bleeding, occurs in many. Ripping, or perforation of the uterus, is an excruciatingly painful result of the practice. Women can also experience anesthesia complications. In addition, cervical injury injuries are common. An astounding 5% become sterile, or unable to get pregnant again.

Ectopic pregnancies may occur after one obtains an abortion ("Abortion" sec. 1). In a study of the National Rights to life Committee, two hundred and fifty-five deaths to mother's having an abortion occur per year (McKeegan 123). Studies have shown that legal abortion is no safer than illegal, back-alley abortions. One 43year old woman bled to death during an abortion; another woman's uterus perforated and she also passed. In addition, an eighteen year old girl had a blood infection that was fatal (Curie 52). All these major problems and more occur every year for women who abort.

Although the viability of a fetus is debatable, many scientists and doctors concur that with todays modern technology, the week that a fetus becomes viable is becoming progressively earlier (Currie 26). All late-term abortions, or those occurring after twenty weeks of the pregnancy, are killing a viable fetus. Studies also show fetuses feel pain, as proven by the fact that they twisting in agony and display painful looks when aborted. Another way to show how the fetus is Just an unborn baby is the fact that its internal and external organs are the same. The fetus also performs many aby-like functions.

Statistics from highly knowledgeable people have also back up the theory that a fetus is viable in post- first term state. The internal and external features show that the fetus is the same as a human, Just not as mature ("WPClinic", sec 2). A viable fetus has the same external features of any newborn. With few exceptions, the human is made up of many different body parts such as a head, body, eyes, mouth, sex organs, hair, etc. A fetus, post-first term, has all of these typical parts and thus resembles a child. In addition to their exterior, fetuses also have the same nternal organs.

They have a fully developed brain at 13-16 weeks-which is at the beginning of late 1st term. All organs are working at this point. In the latter weeks, its nervous system can even control functions ("WPClinic", sec 2). These features prove that the fetus is Just like a newborn. Not only does the fetus resemble a newborn, it also acts like one. "The baby plays so to speak, now... We know what he feels and have listened to what he hears" (McBride 34). This quote shows that a fetus is no different than a newborn baby, for it performs the same functions; the fetus is Just perhaps ot as mature.

Some normal procedures the fetus performs include swallowing, making breathing sounds, recognizing its mother's voice, blinking, grasping, kicking, and somersaulting. Physicians also say a fetus feels pain around twenty weeks (McBride 64). Today, physicians give women pamphlets to let them know their fetus will feel pain when it is aborted. Studies support this through the fact that the fetus twists in agony and shows painful looks when it is aborted (McKeegan 112). The facts prove that the fetus acts and plays like a newborn, so it should have the same rights s well.

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