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City Life Verses Country Life

City life v/s Country Life Many people would rather live in the city rather than the country to the fact that the city has more jobs, bus lines to commute to and from.The city life also has a higher crime rate than the country, pollution and a higher cost of living.First of all, I love the country life because I’m able to grow my own garden, raise farm animals compared to the city I wouldn’t be able to raise horses or cows in the city limits.

Also living in the country I will be in a less polluted atmosphere away from the noise of the busy streets and people .

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By living in the country I wouldn’t have to spend as much money on gas I could possibly travel by horse to get to my destination. City living is also known for having high crime rates as to the country is much less, I would rather raise my children in a safe country cottage than a city high rise apartment.

Even though it’s harder to receive all the great benefits of the city life such internet/cable television there are a lot of fun things me and my family can do in the country. With all the great benefits of both country and city living I would definitely say that country living is where I and my family will continue to live for now . As for the city life and people it’s hard to give a place I love and called home for so long.

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