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My Role Model

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MY ROLE MODEL Almost everyone has a role model in their life. They could be a parent, a friend, a teacher, or a sports hero. They could be the D. A. R. E officer who works in your school. He could be someone you read about in a book. A role model is hard to define, because it can be different for everyone. Who your role model is depends as much on you as it does on the person you admire. Often, it is someone you would like to be like when you get older, or someone who does something you find hard to do. They might be somebody who performs outstanding volunteer work.

They might be a community leader. They might be your mentor. Maybe they are generous and kind. Maybe they performed an extraordinary feat or accomplishment. They might be someone in your neighborhood, or someone in another country. Typically, a role model is brave, smart, strong, kind, thoughtful and fun. Not that every role model is perfect. Unless it is someone out of a storybook, role models are people who might be outstanding in only one or two areas. Or maybe it is someone who is far less than perfect, but is working to improve himself or herself.

I personally believe that a good role model should have certain qualities, and he should... * Have a good personality * Be humble * Be respectable * Be ambitious When we had to choose a role model, one name appeared clearly in my head. I didn't see, and couldn't see, anyone else but Gandhi. Indeed, in my opinion, it's this man who gives meaning to the expression, "role model. " I don't think there's a more charismatic role model in history. Indeed, he accomplished such important and brave things that he must be one of the most well-known heroes in the world.

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Gandhi was born in India in 1869 during the period of colonies. He lived under the English occupation and, as a consequence, suffered from oppression and the authority of colonists. However, what disturbed him the most was the fact that his country, or rather his nation, couldn't make decisions by itself anymore and hope to evolve and grow. Gandhi, who was lucky to have been educated, was the first man in this painful period who dared to refuse the British authority using pacifist methods. Indeed, boycotts and other peaceful ways like hunger strikes enabled India to get its independence from the United Kingdom.

As far as I am concerned, Gandhi is really an exemplary man. I feel that Gandhi was a positive role model in society because he enabled India to get its independence, but his influence didn't stop at this moment. his ideas of independence kept on living beyond the borders and reached all the other colonized countries. His influence was such that many nations took their independence just after India did. Thanks to him, all of those people were able to hope again and, in my opinion, it's one of the qualities that the definition of a role model requires.

If we followed his example in life, we would stop killing each other and, instead, discuss and resolve problems together without useless violence. It may take a long time, but I think it's worth trying. All of this shows that Gandhi is actually someone who can be considered as a role model. He was both brave and intelligent. Indeed, not only was he courageous because he defied the authorities, but he was also talented because he didn't use physical strength to get what he wished. All in all, for my part, Gandhi must be considered as one of the most important personalities history has ever known. I think he deserves to have this status

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