Essays on Alexander Great

Essays on Alexander Great

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Alexander the Great Essay 9

Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was a king and conqueror. He is commonly referred to as “the most powerful leader of all time. ” What is it that makes him such a powerful leader? What has he accomplished that has made him so significant? …

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Alexander the Great – Essay 6

Alexander the Great is often thought of as the greatest military commander that the world has ever seen. He was born in July of 356 B. C to King Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias. Since his youth, Alexander was tutored and trained by great …

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Alexander the Great’s Legacy

Alexander the Great was one of the best generals the world has ever seen. His determination helped him spread the Greek culture (also called Hellenism) throughout his empire. In a short thirteen years, Alexander conquered the Persians and controlled one of the biggest empires in …

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Was Alexander Really Great?

Greatness is an umbrella term that can hold several different meanings and interpretations. In the case of Alexander the Great, it has a very specific meaning that reflects upon the achievements and success of his life time, despite the many character flaws and failings he …

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Alexander the Great Persuasive Essay

| Alexander the Great| | | Craig Wilson| 11/12/2012| | Alexander was the son of Philip II of Macedonia. He was born in Pella, Macedonia’s capital city in 356 BC. Alexander was tutored by Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers and smartest men of the …

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Alexander the Great

Alexander the great was born in July 356 B. C. to his father Phillip II. Alexander’s father prepared him for a life a conquests and legacies by allowing young Alexander to take over the battle of Chaeronea. This was a very important battle for Alexander …

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Alexander the Great vs Napoleon Bonaparte, What I Got so Far

When we think of Alexander the Great, we think of an outstanding war hero. When we think of Napoleon Bonaparte, we think, again, of an outstanding war hero. If a random person were asked who either of these rulers was, their first response would be …

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How Great Was Alexander The Great?

What is a truly great leader? It is someone with courage, discipline, creativity, remarkable achievement, and integrity. Unfortunately, Alexander the Great does not have any of these valuable traits to be called a “great” leader. Even though Alexander left a mark in history’s book, it …

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Alexander The Great In Afghanistan

Alexander the great was born in Pella, Macedonia in 350 B. C. His father who was the Macedonia King Philippe died when Alexander was 20 years after being killed in a Persia’s battle. He immediately replaced the position of his father. Alexander had several talents …

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Greatest Soldier of all time: A Look into the life of Alexander the Great

Ancient Greece became the foundation of Western Civilization. It served as the breeding ground for the development of ideas of political liberty and democratic government. Appreciation and observation of certain standards for art, science, literature and philosophy were actually rooted in ancient Greece (Cawthorne, 23). …

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The Conqueror And King: Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great, as his name connotes is probably one of the greatest military leaders and conquerors in the history of the world. At a very young age, he was able to put much of the Hellenistic world under his control extending over 3,000 miles …

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Alexander the Great Critical Analysis

The film was a second-rate epic. One problem is the fight scenes, the fight scenes may look realistic in the time it was released but for modern audiences it may seem to look like it lacks imagination and the effects were too simple. The lack …

Alexander GreatEssay Examples
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Why is Alexander the Great important essay?
Alexander was a visionary. His ability for vision, planning, and strategizing on a large-scale allowed him to win many battles, even though he was outnumbered. His men felt motivated because they knew that they were part of one history's greatest conquests. Abernethy added that Alexander could be inspirational and courageous.
Was Alexander the Great really great?
Alexander the Great revolutionized history even though he was the king of Macedonia in ancient Macedonia only 13 years. He was one the greatest military generals and built an empire that stretched across Greece, India, Macedonia, Egypt, and Greece. This allowed for the spread and acceptance of Hellenistic culture.

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