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Role Model Review: Bill Cosby My observation is based on the biography of Dr. Bill Cosby. Cosby has been a great example of what a father and leader in the community is all about with regards to the Christian worldview. Even in his hay days, in the mid-60’s, as a standup comic he was regarded as a PG comic because his material was clean of profanity and focused more on his personal life and experiences as a father. In 1965 he released comic albums that garnered him six Grammy Awards. His work was highly respected and he eventually ended up on television, becoming a successful actor as well.

Knowing the importance of education, the former high school dropout/ G. E. D. recipient, returned to school after serving in the US Navy and obtained a degree from Temple University. He later earned a Masters/ PhD. in Education from the University of Massachusetts. Wanting to bring the focus of children and education to television, Dr. Cosby became involved with the PBS series “The Electric Company” and created the cartoon series “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. ” Both shows focused on the value of education for children and young adults.

He produced and starred in one of the most popular and successful television sitcoms in the 1980’s “The Cosby Show. ” It was the first television show to portray an upper middle class African American family. “The Cosby show drew audiences with its warm humor and believable (family) situations. Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable became one of the most popular dads in television history. He also served as a parental figure to his young co-stars on set. ” (“Bill Cosby biography,” 2011). An advocate for education, Bill continues to support universities, donating to Spellman College, in Atlanta, and huge amounts of money to various charities across the U.

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S. He continues to teach kids through television with the children’s cartoon series “Little Bill. ” Dr. Cosby is passionate about creating positive family values in America. “In 2004 Cosby roiled the racial waters when he blasted the pathology of Black families at an NAACP dinner in Washington, D. C. The iconic comedian stunned the nation with a bitter diatribe against low-income African-American families. Come on People, 2007, (a book discussing his outburst in 2004) has replaced Cosby’s vitriolic speechifying with firm but loving essays that urge Blacks to eschew their pathological embrace of victimization and despair. (Washington, Laura, 2007). Cosby’s view on ethics, family value, knowledge and reality express that he supports a Christian Worldview. My family watched “The Cosby Show” and although it was entertaining, it also taught family values and how to handle conflict and disagreement between siblings and parents. While religion wasn’t stressed on the show, the family often attended church services and spoke of family traditions, ethics and right versus wrong according to Christian views. “I have no problem with Jesus or God. I have a problem with people sitting there and saying that Jesus and God will find the way.

I have a problem with Christian men who won’t dress up and go down and confront the drug dealers. ” (Schwartzman, Paul, 2006). Bill Cosby is a comedic legend, a movie star, an educator and positive role model. His wholesome family image has even garnered him the title “Americas Dad. ” References 1. (2001). Bill Cosby biography. (2011). [Print Photo]. Retrieved from www. biography. com/people/bill-cosby9258468. 2. Washington, Laura S. (2007). Come on People! Bill Cosby is right. These Times, 31 (12), 17. 3. Schwartzman, Paul. (2006, May 17). Cosby scolds idle churchgoers. The Washington Post.

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