Essays on Florence Kelley

Essays on Florence Kelley

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Florence Kelley

Florence Kelley (1859 – 1932) Florence Kelley, A Woman of Fierce Fidelity Florence Kelley is considered one of the great contributors to the social rights of workers, particularly women and children. She is best known as a prominent Progressive social reformer known for her role …

Florence KelleySocialism
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Florence Moltrop Kelley was a social and political reformer and the pioneer of the term wage abolitionism. Her work against sweatshops and for the minimum wage, eight-hour workdays, and children's rights is widely regarded today.

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law (1894), Cornell University , University of Zurich


What is the purpose of Florence Kelley's speech?
This argument was meant to convince Congress to enforce laws that restrain child labor, and benefit women in an effort to improve their working conditions. Florence Kelley sought to win respect and loyalty for the people she was leading.
What rhetorical devices does Florence Kelley use in her speech?
Kelley creates an argument that supports reforming child labour laws using the use of ethos. Logos, pathos, repetition, and repetition. Kelley's speech is a demonstration of ethos, providing facts that help to build her credibility.
What is Florence Kelley's claim in her speech?
Florence Kelley (a United States social worker) and reformer fought tirelessly against child labor. Kelley advocates ending child labor and increasing social reform in her speech before National American Women Suffrage Association.
How does Florence Kelley use repetition?
Kelley employs repetition as an element to convey the responsibility of the United States for the child labor law issue. Kelley's speech includes the phrase, "While our sleep," (Kelley. 1905 para. ... But we are almost implacable" (Kelley. 1905. para. 10

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