My Important Life Lesson in Disney World

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Last Updated: 19 Dec 2022
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In my sophomore year of high school, I learned an important life lesson in a very unexpected place: Disney World. My orchestra class took a trip to Florida to visit the amusement park and to perform at a festival there. I was so excited, and I knew I was going to have a great time with all my friends. However, I certainly didn't expect to come back from Disney World as a more mature person.

I've been in orchestra since sixth grade, and I've become very good friends with many of the people in the class. In fact, in my freshman year, my stand partner became my best friend. All of the freshman got along really well because we were in our own class. Unfortunately, after my freshman year, we were separated and had to take classes with the upperclassmen. At first, the older kids intimidated me. They all seemed so cool and mature. I knew they wouldn't want to be associated with a sophomore.

When the day of the trip arrived, everyone was really eager to get going. We got on the bus and I took a seat next to my best friend Ashley. About 13 hours later, we finally arrived at our hotel in Florida. The next day, at Magic Kingdom, I had intended to stay with Ashley during the day. Yet, I soon realized that my other friends had gone off to hang out with the older crowd. We eventually met up with the "cool" group later on, and I realized what the problem was - they didn't like my best friend.

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Even though I didn't understand why they had a problem with her, I desperately wanted their approval. So, I ended up leaving Ashley with another girl in the orchestra, and I went with the popular group. It was great at first, but then I started to feel terrible about leaving my best friend behind. Suddenly, I wasn't having as much fun and I didn't feel popular anymore. The next day, I was determined to make things right. I apologized to Ashley for leaving her and spent the entire day with her. We went on tons of rides, took zany pictures, ate ice cream for dinner, and laughed the whole day. I ended up having one of the greatest days of my life.

In the end, I recognized that having genuine friends is so much more important than having popular friends. When I was just being myself and not trying to impress anyone, I enjoyed myself a lot more. While it might not have been a major event in my life, I think this small experience made me a mature person. It's not important for me to do what everyone else is doing. In college, I think its important to be open minded to not judgmental. My experience has given me these qualities, as well as an ability to stand up for what I believe in, no matter how small.

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