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The Life Lesson I Learned at a Young Age

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Everybody makes mistakes in life. The truth is, nobody is truly "perfect”. I am a human, and therefore, I make my fair share of mistakes. A mistake learned at a young age is one I learned a lesson from, and for that I will never forget it.

One ordinary day on the playground, all us elementary students were at recess enjoying the fresh air and playing cheerfully. All the sudden, I noticed that one of my closest friends ran to the lavatory with a panicked expression on her face. Being the probing child I was, I followed behind her. As I entered, I asked her if she was alright. She admitted, stuttering, with an anxious tone in her voice, that she had wet her pants. She kindly asked me to call our teacher over. Feeling sympathy for her, I ran over to find the teacher as swiftly as I could. As soon as I found her, I worriedly explained noisily and hastily what had happened. As she walked away, I observed that the kids on the playground were chuckling and murmuring more than usual. I didn't think much about what was going on at the time. After all, I was concerned about my distressed companion. I did not hear another word about it that day.

The following day, I was unpredictably called into the principal's office. I remember exactly how petrified I was being that it was my first entering. The secretary questioned my presence and I explained I was there to speak to the principal. She led me to his office and as I began taking my seat, I noticed my comrade was seated directly beside me in another. Yes, the same friend that had had the accident the previous day. The principal began to question me. He then continued to explain I was accused of being a bully because I told everybody about my friend's incident. According to him my harassment was not acceptable. I did not have a chance to defend myself. After all, I realized I was at fault and I felt utterly guilty about it.

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After being dismissed from the office I realized what had happened. Telling the teacher so loudly and incautiously was probably not the best idea I have ever had. Something like that spreads like wildfire around the playground. I felt really wicked after that whole incident even though my intentions were not evil at all.

Although I regret this incident, I am grateful for the lesson it taught me. For in High School I have witness it gets even worse. I learned you must be careful and aware of who is surrounding you. People love to talk, and get the latest gossip.

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