My First Day in College

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My first day in College On August 27, 2012, I began my first day at Petrocelli College. The morning was sunny and warm. I was fill with anticipation. I met my best friend from high school, Nathalie, at the bus stop. We both wonder what our first day would be like. My first day in College was overwhelming because of the excitement, stress and future outlook. I experience excitement. A new beginning is always exciting. For example, I was becoming independent and responsible for making my own decisions.

I now have to pay for my college expenses by a work study job. I was also excited to see some students from my high school. For instance, my friend Richard is in all my classes. In addition, I was enthusiastic to meet my new professors and learn about the subjects I was going to be studying throughout the semester. I also experience stress throughout the day. For example, the costs of the books and the bus fare for commuting. In other words, I didn’t have enough money to pay it. I was struggling making new friends.

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I’m a shy person and when it comes to socializing I get stressed out. I was confused with my schedule; I had too much time between classes. I was thinking too much on what I was going to do on those long breaks. In addition, my future outlook became focused. For example, I realize attending College was the first step I was taking to accomplish my future goals. I enjoy math and want to become an accountant. Majoring in business and accounting would ensure that I will earn a well paying salary.

Therefore, I would be able to financially help my family, and to begin studies to earn a master’s degree. In conclusion, the excitement, stress and future outlook made my first day in college overwhelming. Beginning a new chapter in life initiate my day with excitement. But the financial, social and academic stress disturbs me during the day. It wasn’t only my first day in college it was also my first step in becoming an accountant and preparing my future.

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