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My Autobiography Narrative Essay

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It all started nearly fifteen years ago, in a little industry town called Wigan, in a hospital called Billinge, when a 35 yr old woman gave birth to a baby boy called Shaun Graham weighing in at 6lb 4oz. Once born, he had to go straight into an incubator. He then went home to live his life for the next 15 yrs in an area called Gidlow and street Gidlow Lane. Once he got home he lived his life in the same house for 15 years. So here I am now to tell you the journey of me Shaun Graham for the best of my 15 years. You'll get the ups, the downs, the achievements and the disappointments.

One of the main parts of my life would be my background. My dad is originally from Scotland a bad area called Grangemouth he lived in a flat with his Mum Dad and brother Ian. His mum died when my Dad was seventeen. That's when my Dad started to hate his Dad. This was because his Dad wouldn't have a head stone on his Mums grave. My Dad then went on holiday to Blackpool where he met my Mum. Her life is a completely different story. Her Dad came from Ireland, Cork. They lived their life in a nice area called Standish Lower Ground.

Her Dad died on my Mums 6th birthday and her mum died not so long ago 24/2/2003. Once the two got married on 5/2/1983 and moved to the current area that we still live now Gidlow. It's not the nicest of places but its half decent. They gave Birth to Michelle 1 year on, and then another year on Marie was on her way. They lived together for four years then the best news ever was that I was on the way. All my mum ever wanted for four years was a boy and then that's what she got. People have told me as a child I was quite stupid just running around and running into everything like cupboards and lamp posts.

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There's one time when my shoes got to big for me as a baby. So my Mum took me to get some more, but the size up was way 2 big for my feet, my Mum looked at them and little did she know it I had pushed two dummies in them. Everyone says I was an active child but also was a very moody one too. It only took me 9 month to learn to walk. As I grew up to a small child I started then to like sports, didn't know the rules just liked playing on my local field, Gidlow field. The more I grew the more active I became and the less moody I got which was described as a miracle by my family.

From my families earliest memories of me, to mine. Well this wont be in order of age or importance, just order as it comes to my head. First of all is my first ever football match. It was at Standish strikers a 6-a-side league. I played for Roma and this is where I found out I was going to be a goalkeeper. We lost that game 2-1 but I kept us in the game. The next memory has to be the time when Joseph and I used go to play school, I used always have the bike and Joseph the car we would play in them, all day 7 days a week.

When I was in year five at Sacred Heart, I cracked my head open on some metal bars, Mrs Birchall rushed me to A&E, I waited in the waiting area for about 1 hour talking to a man who had fallen off some ladders. We both got called in at the same time, all I needed to have in my head was some glue, which later came off in 4 days. The cut did leave a scar for live though. I've had a few special events. They vary from athletics to funerals. Ill start with the sad news first, it was a school day Friday 28th 2003 the big day for the graham household as it was my Grandmas funeral.

We waited and waited for the cars to pull up 2 take us to the church people in black all crying because a popular member of the family had gone. The cars pulled up, mum, dad, Marie, Michelle and I all in the first car looking onto the car which held the coffin surrounded in flowers. In the second and last car were my aunties and cousins, it was all tears as we went past the old folks home my Grandma had spent 7 yrs of her life their. As we approached the church loads of people were awaiting the arrival of the three black cars.

Three males and one female carried the coffin to the front of Sacred Heart Church. The small beech oak coffin laid right in front of us speeches from my dad and Michelle. We then went on a long journey up to ST Marie's church where she was buried peacefully with her long missed husband and sister. Now to give you some happy news, it was happy for me anyway. It was 28th June 2003, Greater Manchester Youth Games. I was doing athletics 10 towns and cities competing. Manchester were the favourites, like always, but it seemed to be the Wigan team hadn't read the script.

The Wigan squad was looking strong as I led the male team and Becky led the girls. It started off poor with none of our athletes winning in the 100m but after that it was all positive for the Wigan team. My first event was the discus, it was also my weakest. I ended up 8th out of twenty so it weren't a bad start were as my team mate got 6th. After that event we were both rushed to the next event which I was more confident at, the triple jump after three jumps, all beating my personal best, I ended up in a superb position of 3rd out of twenty again so I was over the moon with that.

I was then rested for a few hours as my next event was a long time off, I was waiting watching all my mates winning and getting valuable points for us. I was then called over by Coach Claire, she told me to get warmed up with my running partner, Jordan. I was all mentally prepared for this with a crowd of hundreds watching. The loud speakers came on shouting out "can all 800m competitors please go to the finish line.

" I was there within minutes of the call I could not wait. BANG! The gun had fired for the start. I was off, and in my favourite position, setting the pace at the front. 00m gone I was still at the front but something horribly went wrong, my calf muscle was giving in, but I wanted this race so bad I kept going. I was later taken on the 250m mark I was in 2nd. As I ran round the left bend, I could hear the roars from the Wigan camp. It gave me a huge urge to catch up with the leader. 50m go I was catching up to the lead it was going to come down to who had the sprint finish, unlucky for me he beat me by 2m. I was upset at losing the lead but happy I pulled through an injury and gave Wigan the points they needed.

After a much needed rest we were all awaiting the results. They mentioned the seven loser, I'm glad to say Wigan wasn't mentioned but Manchester weren't either. 3rd place was then read out "BURY! " they took their time getting the medals and left Manchester and Wigan athletes in nerves. After all the medal ceremony to bury was over, it was then again the loud speaker "with 125 points in 2nd place. " Then this long delay bout 10 seconds but seemed hours "MANCHESTER! " a big roar came from the Wigan team. Once we picked up our medals we were quickly rushed to have our picture taken for the papers.

I don't remember much after that just being so pleased to have captained a winning side. There are people who I have to mention, these people I tell you about next are my important people who have helped me all they way in my life. "It's not the fact you've lost it, it's the fact of what you do to get it back. " That is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given me. It was from one of the most important people in my life, my dad. He's always been there for me normally to help me in sports and so on. Obviously my Mum would be an important part to my life.

She always helps me go down the right track and not the wrong. The main reason has to be she gave me my pocket money and still does. Then there's my sister Michelle who always, without fail, gave me money when I had no money at all. Well moving away from family ill have to pick 1 of the only people who know me inside out, and that is Joseph Hull, also known as Hully. I've known him since play school, he knows everything about me almost. When we played for the same football team 2 years ago, I played in net he played up front, we had a perfect connection off kicks etc.

My character can change depends what mood people give me in the morning. It takes a bit for me to get moody. At times I like to be on my to realise what I am doing with my life and just sort all my problems out but I do like to be with my mates because they make me laugh smile n just are good mates. I am very energetic. I have been said to have the legs of a gazelle, the reactions of a cat and the height of an Irish lepricorn. I can also be very lazy, if I am in house alone I can just sit on couch and watch television or play on lap top. People don't think I'm a mystery, just think I'm stupid.

For my future I've got a few things planned so in case one don't go to plan I've got another one to fall back on. More importantly I plan to go to collage and university maybe Edge Hill, I don't know yet. When I'm older I want to earn a living by coaching or P. E teacher maybe outside of Wigan, due to people have been telling me its better pay. When I retire im hoping to have a holiday home but instead of going to the future ill let the future come to me. That's been the main points in my life for the past 15 years, fair boring weren't it, I hope you enjoyed it.

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