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Essay Summary of My Autobiography

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I can say that have a normal life, as I compare it with the lives of other people. But remembering the things that I have done before, starting from the time of my childhood that I barely recall, I can say that I really treasure them. For me, even if it is not different from other’s lives, it is special because it is mine, and my memories and experiences get more exciting as I recall them more.

The earliest memory that I can recall was during my first birthday. Well, it was just a typical 1st birthday, flashy, colorful baby clothes and all, and the part that I wouldn’t forget was when I grabbed a handful from my birthday cake, shoving it immediately to my mouth. Well, its ordinary for a baby that age and as my mom would often tell me, I was the type who would put anything that I touch in my mouth. I was always sucking on my pacifier, if not my feeding bottle. When the time I grew my first tooth, I bit and sucked on things like crazy, as my mom would recall. As for my memory, I think I was enjoying it when I suck on things, especially on my toys. I find pleasure in just feeling them with my mouth, as if I would never go hungry when I am sucking one of those squishy toys.

My mom said I was a very sweet baby, always wanting to be carried by them all around the house. Well, as if I could do anything on my own, but I think I really enjoy it when they carry me or anytime that they are with me. At first, they said that I would always want to be carried around, anywhere they went. But when I learned to sit and crawl, they resorted to put me in a playpen surrounded by a plastic fence. Since then, I became pretty independent for a baby, especially when I learned to walk.

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Comparing this with Freud’s Psychosexual Stages of Development, this can be classified under the orals stage, which is between births to 18 months. According to Freud, sucking is the source of pleasure for children around this age. Another thing that can be attributed to Freud’s, was that babies are very dependent since they are able to do very little for themselves still.

Another part that I cannot forget was when I was at the stage of toilet training. My memory at that time was clear already, and I remember them saying that in order to grow up, I need to learn the things that grown ups do, and that includes being able to poop by myself. Consequently, when I learned to poop all by myself, I somewhat became addicted to doing so, pooping like every time I feel a slight urge to go. I even have this picture before, when my mom saw me in the toilet seat, sleeping.

My mom said that my second to third year was one of the most trying moments for them. I often have tantrums, becoming very impulsive at times. I broke a lot of stuff, cried a lot every day, and in the end, even sobbed my self to sleep over toys I see on television. But as I grew older, my parents noticed that I eventually lost my tantrums and returned to the darling little child I was before. Maybe because my parents never lacked the guidance, but weren’t that hard on me at moments I have my tantrums. They were the moderate kind of parents, knowing how to control and how to relax a bit.

According to Freud’s psychosexual stages of development, this falls under the anal stage, where it is between 18 months to three and a half years of age. The physical focus of babies at this age is their anuses for waste elimination. This is in order to learn how to control bowels, that’s why the sexual pleasure is concentrated at the anus at that time. Also, this is the stage where they form a sense of obedience and self-control. At this stage, babies undergo a certain learning to be able to control these various urges and these behaviors. These behaviors include tantrums, attention seeking and more.

Growing in a family of nine kids is not that complicated, but it’s inevitable that sometimes it’s hard. Well, the fun part is when having a lot of people to play with. I am the third child, having 2 older siblings. I have an older brother and an older sister who I often ask about things. I remember asking them why my brother has that “thingy” between his legs. My sister told me that that’s what makes a boy different from a girl. I was too young to understand so I just ignored it.

Freud explains that this stage is the phallic stage, where the physical focus of children is the male genitals. Girls wonder why they don’t have one as for the boys; they ask why girls don’t have one. For Freud, the psychological theme at this stage will be the formation and identification of what it means to be a boy or a girl.

One of the things that I recall having a great impact in my life was when I was nine years old. At that time, I lived with my aunt and uncle, took care of me and my studies. They were better off than us, being able to run their own business. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend high school at that time, thanks to my caring relatives. I stay at their place at weekdays to study, and return to my family at weekends. I always feel sad when I have to return to my aunt’s place, leaving my family behind. I don’t know why, maybe because my family is closely bonded. But I somehow understand that I have to do this, I have to study hard, not only for myself but for my family also. I somehow have a view of what I want in the future, and that made a big difference.

According to Erikson, what I have manifested was a part of his psychosexual stages, wherein it is about Identity vs. Role Confusion. At this time, the adolescent is newly concerned with how others would perceive them, the impression that they make on others. Also, the character formation of a person also starts here, wherein he develops a mindset of what they’ll be in the future, their careers, their lives, and their families.

For me, I have always valued studying, that’s why I was able to finish high school. After that, I pursued a career in teaching. It is a continuous learning process, wherein I continue to learn while teaching other people. After a year, I was able to pass the teachers exam, opening a new door for me, being able to go to a Teachers Training College, where I studied for two years. I really enjoyed college life, being able to meet many people and make new friends. College has also opened the opportunity for me to meet my husband. I finished college in the year 1977, and a year after that I was engaged with my soon-to-be husband. After a year, 1979, we got married, and after another year, I gave birth to my son.

Knowing the things that I want, time went by fast, where I was able to succeed in the endeavors that I took. Thanks to a good character formation back when I was young, I was able to determine what I really wanted in my life. I was always open to learning new things, discovering them as I go through life. After another seven years of teaching, I went on another path and became a hairstylist, and afterwards, was able to open my own business. After some time, I was able to migrate to the United States, pursuing another career in health aide, then working briefly at a salon, and then as a nursing assistant at Jamaica Hospital. But that didn’t stop my pursuit of learning, right now; I am here, pursuing an LPN certificate.


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