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My Autobiography

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 My name is Jasmin Ariane Arciga Vallo. I am 15 years old. I am from Philippines. My birthday is on February 9th, 1997. I have in my family my Younger brother, My Mom Samp; My Dad. My Father’s Name is Sonny G. Vallo and He is a Musician in Shenzhen, China. And My Mother’s Name is Mary-Ann A. Vallo and she is The one who’s With us. In my life I have bad and good experiences, but a fantastic life overall. These experiences help me to be happy, and I learn from them every day of my life.

As a typical Filipina girl, I have brown eyes, brown skin complexion, dark hair and a height about 5’0 tall. I am a persistent kind of person, once I have a dream I will do all my best to achieve it. I started kindergarten when I was 4 years old and I finished it at 6 years old. In the kindergarten, I had very good times. There I made my first good friends in all my life, and I remember them for the games that we played together. Later, I started elementary school when I was 6 years old at Dau Central Elementary School.

I remember school very well, because at first I was so scared of my new environment. I made friends there and I liked to study, do my homework, play with my friends, and talk with them about cartoons on television. In fact, I really enjoyed this time in my childhood. I finished elementary school when I was 12 years old. I was ready to go to high school to learn new things and make new friends there. After elementary school, I went to high school at School of the Infant Jesus. It was bigger and had more students than elementary school.

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There I had more teachers than I had before. My new friends were very friendly and some of them were shy, especially the girls. But I’m with my elementary friend so it is not hard for me to adjust because I’m with a close friend. When I was studying in high school, I went to all the activities there. In particular, I liked most the dancing and games activities, because I could spend more time with my friends. I really like to remember these moments from high school because I learned a lot. And about my friends, we are very good friends.

I remember these happy moments with them and we laugh about it. And now I’m in 4th year and in a few months I’ll finish my high school. But I’m Still undecided on what Program I’ll take. But ill promise that I could reach my goal by studying hard and not going out with my friends too much. My favorite sport is volleyball. When I don’t have anything to do, I love to surf the net, open my mail, facebook, instagram, Samp; twitter. Then watch comedy, romantic, and horror movies in Tom365. com. I can play some musical instruments like guitar, piano & flute.

But I mostly loved to play Guitar. My first guitar was given by my Father, it is color pink and its body is sparkling & shimmering because of its Glitters. And I also like hanging out with my friends. All my success and trials are experienced with me. Until I graduate in my Program that I will going to take. I have many plans in my life, when the time was come I’ll find a job and I’ll help my parents. Because I want to repay those hard works and sacrifices that they did just to make us happy and to finish our studies. And that’s the short story about my life

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